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Tucker: Hysteria on the left hits new heights

Unable to topple Trump from power by impeachment, arrest, harassment, or any other means so far, the left hasn’t given up. #Tucker

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  1. These people are embracing fake news, they surround themselves with what they want to hear (itching ears) because they cannot receive truth. We have the best president ever and he was elected by the people and for the people and anointed by God. There are some people who do not know American Laws or the Constitution and ICE is part of our Constitution. People who break the law will be put in prisons, it is started now and it will happen to Hillary and Obama and it will happen to you also people who love to hate the law and persecute the righteous. God is in charge of this not Trump, you do not know who you are fighting with but I can tell you that you WILL loose.

  2. The only people who are deranged and mentally ill are the left wing socialists  in media who think we ACTUALLY GIVE A DAMN WHAT THEY THINK OR SAY ANYMORE! We don't…so just shut up……….Go Trump.

  3. Why are so many people in the comments saying Trump will not last through 2019? Do they know something I don't know? They must. They are saying he is going to quit. They are saying he is going to be arrested. They are saying he's going to have an aneurysm. etc and wth!

  4. I now realize there was a typo in my latest tweet. I meant to say "this WASNT a meeting to get information on my opponent. Change WAS to WASNT. I thought it was quite clear. -Pres Heel Spurs.

  5. The left keeps saying that the US is doomed…going to implode any day now. LOL This sounds a lot like when Cults claim that the world is ending. Ha Ha Ha There isn't any reasoning with the insane. All you can do is watch them scream and convulse.

  6. Tucker, please ask the enlightening Dinesh D’Souza to be on your show, so the two of you can school everyone and a leftist guest on true history and present reality!

  7. Let these people keep talking they are helping Trump every day. When normal white guys (not the weird little freaks that join antifa or call themselves socialists) hear a woman like this and the hatred in her voice, they will move closer to Trump. What worries me is what comes after Trump. There will never be another strong, courageous white man to take the mantle on his shoulders like Trump has. Trump doesnt need money, fame or anything like that, he is already the most famous person in history, the most loved and the most misunderstood.

  8. Wow…. pure lunacy.

    Tucker also needs to talk about the epidemic of government sanctioned drug abuse, and human feces on almost every street corner in democratically controlled California. Show the people how once great cities and countries turn into literal "shit holes" when liberal ideology takes on control.

  9. USA is falling for it, the division and then self destruction and your enemies will pounce on you , stay frosty USA

  10. Paul Manafort will flip or he will die in Prison, All every single Treason Trump supporter is an enemy of the United States. And should be treated accordingly When you see one. Those horrible red hats will be TARGETS for PATRIOTS!

  11. You can tell hes doing a great job if they are whining and crying Trumps doing all the right things, MAGA I love it

  12. Wow the left are really losing it big time….it's like watching them eat themselves. It's funny. 😂

  13. Already the promotion that Russians will AFFECT the next election is being pursued by Dems.. prepping for any losses. Eventually the end case will be voting is eliminated substantially, like in the E.U., where a unelected council decides if voting is allowed and when.

  14. By the way, In fox universe I can't find news about Trump admitting donald Jr, colluded with the russians to get dirt on Clinton? every single news outlet out there is talking about that first page.

    Under Trump's watch, US national debt tops $21 trillion for first time ever while giving himself and the 2% riches people 200 billion tax cuts. God bless US greed. while at the end blue collor workers will pay Trump's debt.  TRUMP FIRST, SCREW THE REST

  16. I wish that Nero came back to life and burned all those leftists. I would gladly bake my food over their burning bodies.

  17. Wait… don't they know that Nero allegedly burned Rome for the sake of remaking it in the image that he desired? Population replacement through unfiltered immigration and anti-western children along with calls for figuratively burning down the US sounds A LOT like Nero

  18. Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

    For the time is coming when people will not endure sounda teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

    Isaiah 5:20, 2 Timothy 4:3

  19. I swear I hear that Benny Hill song playing in my head when I watch the left in their frantic religiosity coming unglued.

  20. "Oxford University: Hillary Clinton Is A Psychopath
    Oxford University researchers have concluded that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displays signs of being a psychopath"

  21. Let them speak. This is why they are losing despite controlling the schools and dominating the media. Thier ideas are nonsense to anybody who has had to make thier own way in the world.

  22. America is done for. An empire can best be destroyed from within. Too much crazy folks that want a great nation to fall. Subversion at its best.

  23. American leftists have literally lost their minds. Keep studying your liberal arts and struggling to remain relevant.

  24. …did she just accuse Donald Trump of being solely responsible for the enslaving of black people over 150 years ago?

    This is why Trump won, and this is why the Democratic party is dying from cancer.

  25. The left needs to bulldozed and wiped out. I have never seen such childish temper tantrums from adults in my life. And intellectual dishonesty.
    And its the left that set the west on fire, not trump! Amazing, they blame him for what he is fighting against!

  26. The president is an actor who has absolutely no power over the country other than reading his pre-written speeches. The country/world is run by the globalist elites, not by presidents

  27. “ICE has to be abolished. And I say that as someone who is running for one of the top law enforcement jobs in the country.” Uhm…is that supposed to be comforting?? XD

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