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Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/30/17 – Tucker Carlson Tonight October 30, 2017 Fox News

Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/30/17 – Tucker Carlson Tonight October 30, 2017 Fox News – President Trump

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  1. Russia didn't attack us, our corrupt politicians did… with Russian money. Every one of them swore an oath of office.

  2. Never ceases to amaze me how dimowits think they see a Russian hiding behind every R, yet ignore the elephant in the room of hilla-monster having an unsecured server to conduct State business on, purposely–I'm sure–allowing the russians to hack it and taking $145 MILLION from said ruskies for the Uranium One deal. Not to mention that it was the DNC and the hrc campaign that paid for that false data from… again the russians.
    Like Laura Ingraham said, this is a nothing burger. If they really had something on Trump, mueller would have led with that. Guess none of them every played Spades. So sad that this congressman is an elected official yet acts like a troll on the comment boards with his excited and hyperbolic statements.

  3. Seriously, these politicians need to START facing real consequences!! If they keep this bullshit going, I can see some pissed off citizens taking their lives away. I hate to say it this way but, the bodies gotta drop.

  4. Here are some links to information as to the matter of the Oregon ranchers [and perhaps in Nevada before that] about the government land grab related to uranium deposits and the Hilary Clinton sale of such deposits to Russia. It is worth exploring as it may shed light on those events which were not aptly covered in the fake news media at the time.The Truth Behind The Gov't Land Grab   1 year ago An Oregon logger explains how Federal land management policies have devastated the local economy and caused massive fires. Burns Oregon "Land Grab for URANIUM" brokered by Clinton Foundation to Foreigners "ROSATOM." Oregon Land Grab for URANIUM brokered by Clinton Foundation to Foreigners – "ROSATOM." 
    1/04/2016 — Hammond + Bundy "Ranches" — Volcanoes, Gold, URANIUM + BLM / Government–c Armed standoff in Oregon due to a 'Rancher' and a fight with the BLM? Deja Vu! This just happened in Oregon a few months ago, … Evidence: Is Hillary Clinton behind BLM Land Grab, To Sell Uranium To Russia? OREGON -STANDOFF_REALLY_ABOUT_URANIUM/ HELP US SPREAD THE WORD

  5. Tucker is a crazy BS artist with no sense of right and wrong.
    I watch for the weird comedy.

    Keep it up, Hannity, Janine and Tucker.

    Millions the world over watch this BS comedy.

    And we laugh. By the way, pass on our regards to the
    groper Billo.

  6. Tucker’s beliefs are right on, but he severely lacks the ability to outwit others. He is intelligent but does not articulate well and bumbles a lot. Did William Buckley have any offspring that could help us out? Is Ben Shapiro available???

  7. Go Tucker!!! Praying for all of you guys as you expose evil. As the Bible says, if God is for you, who can be against you?

  8. This smacks of something that I read a long time ago. It referred to America as being called Babylon, suggested that the Statue of Liberty was a Whore but, I do believe that it missed the mark. I believe that Hillary is the Whore of Babylon, I mean after all, she was and still would be selling America out, had she been elected President.

  9. haven't heard of so much garbage since fox did that retard story on obama ordering Dijon mustard for his cheeseburger. Republicans are such an embarrassment to the american people.

  10. OMG! Northam should be RUN OUTA TOWN FOR THAT INCREDIBLE LOW AND NASTY LIE CAMPAIGN ADVERT. Sick Dem's are turning the state into one compared regularly to Chicago. Northam gave pedophiles and Felons rights back INCLUDING ability to buy and own guns so they can kill more people, and help his Take All Guns Away from Citizens. I Don't know ONE PERSON AGAINST LEGAL IMMIGRATION, but Do know Plenty AGAINST the FLOOD of ILLEGAL ALIENS bc of what they've done to our towns, crime rate, and schools,+the Growing pop of MS-13, voter fraud,& attempts to become Sanc Cities! Too much corruption making Nat News with current Dem's who have Tanked the state.

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