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Trump won’t apologize for Muslim comments

During a press conference with the Nigerian president, President Donald Trump said there was no reason to apologize for his comments on Muslims traveling to the United States.

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  1. Trump is type of dude to oil up melania whole ass so he can see his own reflection when he hit it from the back

  2. TAQIYYA!!!!!! There is ANOTHER muslime deflection, forgot the name allowed in their koran to deceive and deny their satanic book in order to gain their ultimate desire: caliphate the world.

  3. This asswipe has never apologized for anything in his whole pathetic life… Including his affair with a porn star.

    He probably doesn't know what an apology is.

  4. Dumb liberals like you guys get mad at trump for not doing anything with isis than when he takes almost all of them out it’s a problem he’s done more than Obama has ever done

  5. What a idiot I’m not Muslim or a immigrant but that’s next level fucked up you don’t say that shit

  6. that's not why you stupid liar… its cause you're a dumb christian and you think that Muslims are some evil thing prophecized in your bible. That' the reason why you stupid liar. And Islam is the truth from God. God doesn't beget babies. That's called paganism. And the trinity is not found anywhere in the bible. The only verse is in 1 John 5:7, but that verse is a premeditated lie, its not found in the greek manuscript. That's why they took it out in the RSV version. So there you go… stop lying to the people and to yourself.

  7. This is THE UNIVERSAL DIRECTOR… What kind of DEADLINE would you and your group of attorneys put on the official overtaking of Oligarchy which has to follow My Final Universal Protocol. Don't take too long with an answer. Just accept the premise and answer. As soon as comprehension of my final protocol is had would be the most fair, of course. The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE is the year 2020. The many want their unlimited stature now!! We don't want to watch You Tube videos about the restructuring of Capitalism or trying to get the "Fannie Mae" that you never could get before.

  8. He shouldn't. That list dates back to when Obama was in office. This is how we operate. We don't want people who come from inferior cultures, particularly those who could pose a national security threat. Furthermore, many Muslims hate homosexuals and treat women like second class citizens, we shouldn't accept those people either.

  9. There are 2 billion muslims around the world you fat pig you think you will be able to stop us LOL. We are the fastest growing religion and we are proud no one can stop us piggy

  10. He is correct…….there are many other countries muslims can go to…..example saudi arabia

  11. Yeah you dont have to apologize, the peace you says is protected from the problem you created all over the world. since when islam being a Terrorist while they are living peacefully but western come to their country try to grab their oil, but they'r fail then appear such a group of 'Terrorist'that they says. how come the most peaceful country, most people are ruling by god that doesn't even harm the world, doesn't even join the world war 1 or 2 becoming terrortist land? This is what i called Western joking, they come to harm they call themself a peaceful nation~

  12. Liberals are so delusional at this point they probably dont even see how horribly theyre gonna lose in November!

  13. As long as we’re keeping Inferior Cultures out of America, let’s deport all of the Trump supporter Hicks in rural America to Russia. Because they are the most Inferior people in America. And while we’re at it, maybe we can give Texas back to Mexico, because that state has always sucked Great Big Eggs. Make America great again by deporting ignorant racist huckleberries. Nobody else likes them anyway. They are very unpopular these days, what with their boy Trump screwing up like a total jackass.

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