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Trump, Democrats gear up for Supreme Court showdown

President Trump predicts ‘vicious’ fight over Supreme Court vacancy; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’

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  1. The bureaucracy is whats bloated thanks to the dems an there minions an the way the roads are done is state by state as it should be .an school is expensive only because unions run it an milk it for what its worth when ur degree tends to be useless an u can't find a job progressive enough without any safe spaces with mounting debts u won't be able to pay off . that in turn I pay for so u can go in the first place when u can get on a better career an make more money without one.
    Quite honestly the govt isn't and or shouldn't be anyone atm

  2. I think Trump may preside over 2 more supreme court selections after Kennedy. In my opinion, whether abortion is legal or not, I should not have to pay for it.

  3. Democrats are losing the supreme court that they've held so long. Democrats thought they could keep the supreme court forever? Seems more proof that democrats do not like democracy.

  4. Susan Collins talks of Roe V Wade as settled law, all the while incessantly attacking the second amendment for being an archaic law. She's a pure RINO and does not adhere to the values of America. Do not give these traitorous liberals an inch. They will attempt to persuade you by addressing your Christian views. Do not fall for their treacheries: they are the devil's minions.

  5. Wasn't it so quaint how Juan switched the mood of the conversation to run down the liberal talking echo chamber naratives while addressing this point and how Democratic of him to pose as a concerned American while openly pushing an obvious elitist globalist social Justice worm mentality ! Everytime I watch Juan I get this little bit of throw-up in my throat leaving just another bad taste in my mouth for enduring another blasphemous spewing by him and left wondering why Fox employs such an obvious seditionist!?

  6. Susan Collins is a Republican by title only! People in her state of Maine should vote this traitor out of office and vote a real Republican in her place!

  7. The Dems & their puppets in the media only posed this dilemma as grounds to block Trump's nominee, their actions & tactics are so transparent at this point

  8. In 10-20 years , SJW’s will burn and riot around the Supreme Court and the media will justify it ? Just a thought .

  9. Saying that life doesn't begin at conception is like saying the trip to Florida doesn't begin until I get on the freeway. That's ridiculous. I know life my life began when I was conceived because that was the point where you had to do something about me or I was going to turn into a 20-year-old Flight deck sailor in the U.S. Navy. After 22 years of listening to the left telling me that what was in a woman's stomach was not human I took the time to look at several sonograms. I've never seen anything more human in my life. So if you sons of bitches are going to sit there and claim that a fetus is not human, I think maybe the problem is, YOU are the one who's not human.

  10. Juan what about the liberal agenda that's been going on ever since Trump's been elected.. illegal aliens over US citizens trying to abolish the Constitution just craziness. Juan i get sick to my stomach every time you open YOUR mouth lol go to CNN THE clown News Network you'll fit right in

  11. Juan good thing the Union can rob people to support the DNC anymore that's a good thing you should have a choice God Bless America

  12. RvW abominations unto God the Father, disobedient children, deserve to be burned in the fires of hell, oh and hell is real snakes

  13. democraps will have eye bulging snot blowing fits over anyone right of a bolshevik commissar.

  14. president trump will nominate a constitutionalist conservative judge !!!!!! two more to go !!!!!!lmfao !!! ship all evil demonrats and evil rinos to gitmo for military treason trials and execution !!!

  15. Abortion should be decided between a doctor and a patient for medical emergency situations,other then that it should be treated like a act of crime because it is killing another person.

  16. Good show with a good selection of people. Different viewpoints and concerns without screaming over each other and interruptions. I like the format. Here is the perspectives from several viewpoints you make your own opinion.

  17. The democrats loves immigrant children but supports ripping Americans from the womb and selling them one piece at a time. End government sanctioned planned eugenics!

  18. wtf is "settled law" every law is fucking settled until the supreme court over turns it. Slavery was a settled law, prohibition was a settled law, women not being able to vote was a settled law… Just because YOU PERSONALLY dont want to see a law changed doesnt mean its untouchable lmao

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