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Trump blasts ‘Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren at rally

Trump makes waves at his Montana rally while challenging Senator Elizabeth Warren’s claims of a Native American heritage.

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  1. Pocohauntas gets my vote. She takes the very elite this clown (I voted for by the way, so don't you say I voted for Hillary) defends and gets tax cuts for and deregulates and roasts them on the floor of Congress on an open fire. She holds the very greedy banks that are killing off anything less than the top percent. I voted Trump in based on what the alternate media be said he would end the Federal reserve system and put us on a better system. I know it don't happen overnight but this guy is falling apart by the day. Yet I didn't want crooked Hillary in office.

  2. We all know Pochahotas is White and all she has to do is take a DNA test to prove DT wrong but she won't take the test. A White supremacist will take a test if you challenge him.

  3. Personally, that rotten bastard of a U.S. president, Donald Trump, has gone too far with his rude behavior at just about ANYBODY that he both insults and disagrees with. Trump has become the lowest of the low since Ronald Reagan. No wonder he really emboldens the conservative movement for what it truly is: Arrogant and ignorant to the highest degree.

  4. It's a simple test, a mouth swab.  You could embarrass President Trump and maybe knock his haughtiness down a peg or two.  Even if you are 10 percent American Indian, it is still a direct bloodline connection…or, maybe your pants are on fire and you've been riding on the coattails of true Native Americans.  Perhaps you garnered favor by claiming American Indian on your college transcripts, or maybe even got a college grant because of it.  Maybe you got your first job by illicitly using that claim to get your first job as part of the anti-discrimination, diversity rule.  Maybe you are no more Indian than Rachel Dolezal is black and used stealth to weasel her way into the NAACP as president of the Washington chapter, a job that rightfully belonged to a true African American.  I think you are 100 percent wasp and used a loophole to gain an advantage.  Shame of you if that is true.  If not, take the test and shut Mr. Trump up.

  5. Trump is not really a President he is more like a comedian doing a gig. He just loves insulting people and calling people names. You can tell he really enjoys it. The crowd loves chanting lock her up its like a cult full of imbeciles. Its funny how angry he gets and the faces he makes. You have to give it to Trump he is a master con man. These people believe all of his lies. He could piss on their heads and tell them its raining.I dont let my kids watch him. I dont want them thinking its ok to insult and demean people especially when you are President. If Trump does not know now at 77 that he should be an example its never going to happen.

  6. I really like this President Donald Trump. He has a great sense of humor and says it the way it is. A successful hard working honest speaking person. Another 4 years as President of America please.

  7. And you people believe that he is chosen by God even when he is showing his disgusting behavior of his racist bigotry, pathetic!

  8. For the closet racists who want to make excuses for Trump, this is absolutely racist. I'm Native American and grew up on the reservation or the land "given" to my people after killing and raping them or the land many feel they have the right to now keep others away from. For those who are too ignorant to understand, it means I'm qualified to say that Trump's comment IS RACIST!

  9. He's an animal, He's a wreaking ball to political correctness. He laughs at those who attack him. Its about time. The Republican party runs and bury's there heads in the sand every time the left hurls the race card at them. Trump stands up to it.

  10. why dont we hear much from Pocahontas anymore? is she just busy with reservation duties ?? i would like to see her Ancestry . com bio.

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