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Trump: Are there any Hispanics in the room?

During a Florida roundtable on tax cuts for small businesses, President Trump asked if there were any Hispanics in the room.

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  1. Im English and I support this man from across the pond! Its easy to see the democrats don't give a shit about actually getting stuff done but would rather throw accusations with no justification.

  2. Congratz USA. You have elected a tiny hands, pussy grabbing, unfaithful, racist, lying sosiopath for president…! And he know many words. Big words. The best words….

  3. Uhhhh, yeah like anybody should trust the statistics of a guy who has nothing but corrupt people working in his cabinet and won't provide his tax returns to the nation 🤔.

  4. He’s obviously saying that if there are Hispanics in the room they should be proud about the unemployment rates. He’s saying it in a celebratory manner.

  5. He also said lowest unemployment on record. Trump proving once again that liberals are the dumbest creatures on earth.

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