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Trade Wars: How they work and who they impact

Experts say trade wars have historically been damaging to both the country imposing the tariffs and those having to pay them. So why is U.S. President Donald Trump insisting on entering a trade war?

Aalia Adam leads the latest installment of “Global News Explains,” as she explores why the protectionist methods of trade wars create environments where everyone loses and how the U.S. only needs to look to the Great Depression to understand the perils of aggressive trade tariffs.

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  1. Fake news, Canada impose 200% tariffs on USA goods, China apply 35% tariffs on USA automobiles, and Europe block US goods with high tariffs
    USA have the right to balance 500 Billions of trade deficits

  2. Hasn’t China been manipulating its currency for 10 years and flooding the market with cheap raw goods. Let’s put it this way, all the things China would do to fight us back they are already doing lol. For example they could limit our market access “ they do this already”, they could artificially manipulate there currency to fight us “ they do this already”, ok maybe they can control 51% of western companies coming to China “ they do this already”, ok they could steal IP from us firms “ they do this already lol. So like i said all they have is tariffs on 130 billion dollars lol.

  3. America will win when they appeal the tariffs to the WTO. That would be the case if they didn't undermine it to such an extent that the WTO is just a bureaucratic mess now. Go FART.

  4. There is no petro dollar. China buys american assets with the trade deficit they post with China. When americans purchase Chinese assets. The Chinese use the money to purchase american assets as well. On top of the trade deficit that is used. This is because americans post no surpluses against China.

  5. When the government can just print money to pay those impacted by the trade war, what you get is an industry beholden (blackmailed) to the current regime. Would you vote out the monkey paying you a subsidy for not selling your goods?
    Farmers are the first to receive this subsidy this time around. They will also falsely increase the cost of their products so that regular consumers will also pay more.
    Heard this story before? Recall bank bailouts in 2008.
    So ironic that the tax payers are left to pay the bills of the ultra-rich, while everyone else suffers. The result will be revolution. Everyone will suffer, all because the current president has an over inflated ego.
    Really, really smart?
    Time for a new Constitution for the US. Checks and balances no longer exist in a government run with [worthless] money.

  6. I’ll pay a bit more for everything if it means I’m keeping my fellow countrymen in jobs and feeding their families.

  7. What about we got in Canada with protection of the cartel of supply management . We are paying high prices in goods like Milk and in the U.S play the free market price. So now you know… U.S trade play justice, copyright and national security. We can great deal as Maxime Benier said onces low taxes, more opportunities and more goods, plus even better treatment and security in our people…

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