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Trade chaos with Trump ‘tectonic shift’ in Western politics

The trade chaos with U.S. President Donald Trump is a “tectonic shift” in Western politics, according to author Jasmin Mujanovic. ​

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  1. Long story short, it is time we (Canada) divorce ourselves from America and secure new alliances abroad while building our own independent structure in commerce and security.

  2. Why do Trump's statements on how these trade agreements are going directly contradict what they're saying here

  3. Turn off the water, electricity, and ICBM early detection systems. Dumps is trying to play chicken, go in with force and he’ll flip like the bone spur he is

  4. Absolutely, the shift has happened! On March 26, 2018 China began oil purchases in yuan!
    And this is the process of the US UNRAVELING!

  5. Don't bash the American people for what one man has done. us has a surplus with Canada this is a ploy for NAFTA

  6. I don't understand starting a trade War with a country that loves you and respect you it's like slapping your best friend in the face for no reason

  7. Is this the best guy CBC can find? He doesn't even live in Canada, he lives in Bosnia. He concentrates his work primarily on politics of Southeast Europe. Why didn't CBC get someone a little closer to home, say someone who actually lives in Canada. Oh yes, of course, after researching him, he's a lunatic leftist who will paint the horrific apocalyptic scenario the CBC wants….way to go CBC another pathetic news report!

  8. Trump is undoing the policies of the last 30 years not 75.
    But I'm surprised, in attacking Trump CBC is helping out the 0.1 of the wealthiest 1%, because that is who benefited from globalization at the expense of the bottom 90%.

  9. Trump is the first actual dictator in American history, there can be no doubt about it. On top of that, he's morally and ethically sick!

  10. I'm going to explain to Liberal Canadians what President Donald Trump is teaching you. Canada and the USA are "Children of a Common Mother". This passage is inscribed on the USA side of the Peace Arch at the border between Canada and the USA in British Columbia. Keeping this passage in mind, consider a family made up of a mother, an elder son and a younger son. The mother is Britain, the elder son is the USA, and the younger son is Canada. And, just like in a real family the elder son more often than not protects the younger son, and just like in a real family the younger son more often than not fights with the elder son, but the younger son and elder son still love each other and appreciate the importance of family. Well, the Liberal party of Canada does not believe in the strength of family. It believes in the strength of diversity, and as such the leader of the most powerful country in the world is about to cut Canada loose from the family. So, I would suggest that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party find a family that is willing to adopt us.

  11. As the rest of the world is laughing at americans right now lol. Im so lucky i live in new Zealand.

  12. Canada needed capital to get the tar sands built. Free trade provided that. If Trump wants to end free Trade, than I thank America for their part in building a new industry in Canada.

  13. Maybe it's high time we stop selling our natural resources away and start moving into secondary and tertiary production.

  14. Pay your fair share in nato Canada. Stop your trade deficit. Stop dumping Chinese steal on us. You have been moochers for to long. Now we want fairness and you cry like entitled children. By the way… Enjoying all those Mexicans we are sending you? 😂😂😂

  15. A general trend in China, Russia, the EU, Canada, Mexico, India and many other countries will become apparent during next year, COMPANIES will have re-evaluated their dependence on USA parts and financing for reasons of survival.

  16. Can't wait to see the American reaction when Canada starts contemplating Russian and Chinese jets for our Air Force.

  17. Cbc… I am a big fan. Please stop reading the prompter and watch the obvious trends. People are pissed off ecomonically worldwide. They are blaming globalization and multinational corporate greed correctly. Automation could benifet us all, not just the few. Many industries are regulated to maintain balance. Offshore banking scams continue for decades unchecked. Goverments worldwide are failing to shut down these tax scams. The tax burden has been consistently shifted to workers payrolls internationally while corporate tax rates have dropped consistently driving up national debts, inflation, creating bubbles and crashes in stock markets consistently. All being labeled as normal market forces as though is not a man made system made a manipulated by men. The elite are consistently gutting the system regularly for personal gain and no one is holding them accountable due to campaign finance laws internationally. The scam is obvious and people are pissed off and you act like your surprised? Its obvious that corruption has gutted the western liberal democratic order. Political power in a democracy is held to account by informed citizens via the MEDIA. How can WE work better together to facilitate constructive change? Occupy was attacked by the media constantly criticized their efforts to warn you all of this pending crisis almost a decade ago. Today our facebook and social media accounts are constantly censored so nobodies alternative voiced are heard and written off as false. So now what? You've got the voice. Use it as they censor all of us. Can't you see the international criminals want war. All this unrest is easily manufacturered via money the supply and economic forces. Intentional or not, the same thing happened pre WWII. Read what happened to Germany pre WWII. WAR is their sick solution to climate change. History is littered with evidence, if you're willing to read more than one history book. When will the media start holding goverments to account to shut down these international criminals? Start with offshore taxevation worldwide. This corruption of democracy must stop to prevent catastrophe within the next decade or so. The trend line clear if your willing to study the past. Please stop reading prompt and get out in front on this obvious trend while we can change it.

  18. Pillars? So you mean shipping our manufacturing industry to Asia? Before you present video like this you should consider that Americans and all informed people know what has happened to our country under the guise of "global trade". The steel tariffs are a means toward an end. The end is a stronger USA with more jobs and greater reliance on USA. Globalism is a disease spread by institutions of higher learning. He who controls what children are taught might control the future. Most of us who are old enough to have a more clear understanding of these matters do not have children of collage age. It is important to posterity to continue to educate these younger parents

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