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Top National News | 22nd September, 2017

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  1. At the UN forum/or other forums as well, we the India in our response to Pakistan's allegations have always missed ( in the past as well as in the present response) to include with emphasis on the following fundamentals so to challenge the very locus standii of Pakistan on Kashmir, as follows:
    1. As per the UN resolution of 1947/48, presence of Pakistan army and any other Pakistani nationals (that would imply terrorists groups also) in Kashmir is illegal and the UN resolutier the on prescribes that the first essential term/condition is complete withdrawal of Pakistan army and all other Pakistani nationals ( that would imply terrorists groups too), …. the UN resolution further defines that presence of Indian army will continue with its rights to supervise and guard against any re-invasion by
    Pakistan army/or Pakistan nationals ( includes terrorists) ….. please note that only Pakistan army/Pakistan nationals are to withdraw but not Indian army ( it is not bilateral withdrawal) , … .
    "The bottom line is that the first term/condition of the UN resolution is to ensure complete withdrawal or absence of Pakistani army/Pakistani nationals( including terrorists) from the entire Kashmir region, thereby, leaving it exclusively to the supervision of the Indian army to ensure to guard against any re-invasion by Pakistanis", …
    (i) therefore, the first basic Question to be answered by Pakistan would be : "Has Pakistan Govt fulfilled the first condition of the UN resolution of withdrawal of the Paki army and all other nationals from the entire Kashmir region", … obvious answer would be "NO", …
    (ii) therefore, the 2nd Question needs to be answered by Pakistan would be that, "why or what are the reasons that Pakistan Govt. has not fulfilled the very first condition of the UN resolution till now over the last 70 years",
    (iii) thirdly , therefore, as a consequence, "in the present circumstances of Pakistan Govt failing to comply with ( thus or not honoring) the very first condition of the UN resolution over the past 70 years, then automatically presence of Pakistan army ( and other Pakistan nationals-including terrorists) in Kashmir is illegal in violation of the UN resolution …. and therefore, in diplomatic terms, illegal presence of Pakistan army and Pakistan nationals in Kashmir is an invasion/ aggression by Pakistan against India", …. therefore, Pakistan has no locus-standii in Kashmir as per the UN resolution on Kashmir.
    (iv) finally, in today's context, the basic foremost QUESTION still remains to be answered by Pakistan WOULD BE that, " whether Pakistan Govt is willing today to comply with the very first condition of the UN resolution TO COMPLETELY WITHDRAW FROM ALL PARTS OF KASHMIR, ……. YES /OR NO, WOULD DETERMINE RESOLVING THE PROBLEM OF INVASION OF KASHMIR BY PAKISTAN ??
    (iv) therefore, "when Pakistan has no locus standii in Kashmir, inevitably Pakistan has no lawful jurisdiction to assert any rights/entitlement /obligation/responsibility to be considered as an essential party to represent in the UN or any other platform in regard to any issues of 'Freedom of Kashmir', ….. therefore, an illegal presence of Pakistan army and other Pakistani nationals
    ( including terrorists) in Kashmir which in diplomatic terms is an invasion/aggression of Kashmir by Pakistan against India could never ever confer any entitlement / obligation to Pakistan to be considered an essential party on the Kashmir issue !!!
    Prof.(DR.) Amarjit Grewal

  2. modi yogi srkar stta ke nshe ke gamand me chur hai unhe B.H.U. jaiesi dtnao pr chuppi kyo rhi kya aaj aam aadmi chatrao chtro pr pulish prshasn ko gundhagardhi krne ki khuli chut

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