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Top 10 DUMBEST Donald Trump Quotes

Donald Trump has said some really, really dumb things over the years. We’ve compiled his Top 10 Dumbest Quotes from immigration to the economy here for you.

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  1. Trump is one sick fuck! And those that support him are just as sick. He thinks he is great , he thinks he is intelligent. All he is an arrogant know it all that would not even be were he is today unless he was born rich. Key word born rich. He is so fucking paranoid  that he still can not get over the fact the he did not win the popular vote. Fact is that if there was no electoral vote Trump would not be President! The electoral college is outdated and needs to be abolished. Because of the electoral college the few control the many. He is immature self centered and does not give a fuck about anyone or anything  but himself.

  2. He likes woman for their looks, He is racist and he has a flip in wife that is like 30 years younger then him.

  3. How old is trump really? What man his age goes off ranting on Twitter? Let alone the president of the United States. I'm so embarrassed and disappointed in our country. We really have gone down to a new low electing this idiot for presidency

  4. Well, he won the election, has nearly killed all of ISIS, deporting illegals and is bringing the country back. That's all we need.

  5. It sucks that we could actually get a douchebag in the Oval Office when almost 4 million people more voted for Hillary how the fuck does this happen

  6. Every time I go something he said stupid it comes back to the same old thing everything he says is stupid what the

  7. Why do people hate this man so much? Donald Trump got elected and is your president, that is a fact. It's fine to dislike his personality (which I do believe me) bc he is very offensive, racist, and insensitive, but that does not make it right to hate him as a human being. In my opinion it is just as bad as his antagonizing comments if you are expressing hatred towards him. We as a people must learn from his hate and stop feeding off it.

  8. This man is so fucking stupid. "Sweating like dogs" seriously? Dogs only sweat from their nose and paws. That analogy made no sense.

  9. "For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions" [2 Tim 4:3]

  10. Top 10 quotes.
    How hard can it be to put quotes in the description?
    If only I could blacklist channels. I'd put all incompetent "top10/best10/list" channels that don't utilize the description onto that list.

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