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tomato linguini gets water thrown on her, and it’s national news

conservatives still soft as baby doodoo

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. She was at a Drag brunch?! OH, THIS BITCH HAS SOME NERVE! She honestly should’ve expected that; most people who support drag events are “liberal snowflakes” as she’d call us. Fuck her and thank you to the girl who threw the drink! ❤️

  2. She truly has an altered sense of white privilege reality. It was water not sulfuric acid!!! I hope the venue quickly created a safe space for her little snowflake self to meltdown in…

    You went to a Hip-Hop gathering in Minneapolis, blondie! People know who you are, and what you've said about them. Perhaps you should pick your events more wisely or just go from work to home and stay there.

    It's amazing that she won't even debate you on her own show Hasan, you're willing to go to her turf. That would indicate that either she's been told she's not that bright or she's afraid that you'll make her cry!

    Great video as always!

  3. Her rich benefactors? Please disregard AJ+ is funded by the Qatari government, and TYT is helped by Soros. The hypocrisy is strong with this loser.

  4. Yes republicans are snowflakes because they need to defend themselves against baseless accusations, like this piece of shit here. Yet here he is, virtue signaling for other people because he's some kind of moral arbiter. His head is literally too small for his body, I wager his mental capacity is even smaller.

  5. THANKS HASAN FOR YOUR GREAT VIDS, AS ALWAYS FUN AND INFORMATIVE. She’s a troll just like another ex Breitbart editor in chief, she goes to places where she knows she’ll cause a stir and waits for the tiniest response to needle pick on. However she’s a blonde white woman backed by conservative media outlets and therefore her supposed “credibility” has always been far more damaging than of the prior mentioned editor.

  6. I don't like her but she doesn't deserve to be assaulted. She deserves to be destroyed on the issues.

  7. I’m sorry for anyone who has to deal with violence, but don’t expect you to not piss people off if you literally use your “right of free speech” to belittle actual issues and criticize all types of people because you think they are attacking “your America.” Take a seat Tomi, and actually overlook your actions instead of claiming you’re being true to yourself. Again I’m sorry people were rude to you, but you can believe in something without screwing other people over and calling people names and I hope she learns that one day. I hope a lot of people do.

  8. So you think a fact about the civil war about white people fighting to end slavery and keep the union whole, which were Republican, is cringy? Wow, your stupidity know no bounds.

  9. The Hasan Piker and Topanga Listerine love story is the kind of relationship I like to follow. Literally makes my day.
    And to all of ya'll defending tonka, to summarize my thoughts in one word, "WUT..??!"

  10. she is so vile! every liberal that actually stood up for her needs to have their blue card revoked !!! she is a serial provoker ….

    "serial provokers are experts at seeking out flexible people. They exploit this quality by constantly provoking their target with covert jabs, minimization, veiled humor, and patronization. The target will attempt to avoid conflict by remaining pleasant, choosing to forgive & excuse this behavior in maintaining harmony

    But the serial provoker will continue to aggravate the target until they finally snap. Once this happens the provoker will sit back, feign surprise, and marvel at how passive aggressive, angry, and volatile the target is. The target will immediately feel bad, apologize, and absorb the blame. They are essentially blamed for rightfully losing patience & behaving the way the serial provoker behaves every day. The difference is the target feels remorse – the serial provoker does not. The target is expected to remain calm & peaceful no matter what, while the serial provoker feels entitled to whatever they please. "

    The entire Republican Party is nothing more than a hate group & a bunch of trolls!

  11. I love the little tremble in her voice when she talks about this horrible incident. It’s the most snowflakey thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  12. Fortunately for this micro sized head who would be working at McDonalds if his fat uncle didnt give him a job, hes too insignificant for Ms, Lahren to waste her time eviscerating.

  13. you're an idiot,  BROWN FABIO,  you cherry pick stories to push your bull shit narrative,  just like your FAT BROWN UNCLE.    –  and your head is 4 sizes too small,  looks like it should be on a 10 year old..

  14. Were gonna have some fun today, Brown Fabio? I already had some fun watching Atheism Is Unstoppable DESTROY you for your last race baiting video you worthless pile of shit.

  15. LOL 2 guys got kicked out of a starbucks for refusing to buy something and refusing to leave and you threw a 3 year old tantrum for weeks. A girl gets attacked but that's ok because she has the wrong opinion!

    Kanye West tells people to think for themselves and you got triggered off the face of the Earth you panzy ass brown bitch and you're going to call this girl a snowflake?

  16. Holy shit dude you're actually a tool. Just discovered you from your, let's say emotionally unstable uncle at tyt. Accusing her of backing her "rich benefactors", but come on. You guys literally take blood money. And probably money from slavery as well. And you're using it to promote your uneducated ass. Not to mention the only reason you're on board is of your good looks, which is undeniable judging from your instagram. Just glad those "slay me bilingual zaddy" hoes don't pay attention to that nonsense you're speaking.
    Btw, as a german, my turkish accent is waaay better than yours while cursing. Like, you don't even have the turkish temperament while you curse. It sounds so fake. Probably cause you're a cuck =)

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