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Today’s Headlines – Monday, Oct. 15, 2012 – News USA

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Team Glittarazzi shares its morning ritual of reviewing the day’s headlines (Monday Oct. 15, 2012)

The second presidential debate is tomorrow, both sides are worried that Candy Crowley will ask questions

Felix Baumgartner landed safely and set the world record for the highest sky dive

Microsoft plans on launching Xbox Music with free unlimited streaming to compete with Apple’s iTunes

Kim Kardashian tries on Leopard Halloween costumes but just looks like a leopard print slut instead?

Russell Crowe and his wife have decided to split after 9 years.

The Space Shuttle “Endeavor” was the new subject of street photos as it passed through Los Angeles

A Seahawks player dissed Tom Brady on Twitter after beating the Patriots

The current BCS Standings are out. These are your top 5 teams: 1. Alabama 2. Florida 3. Oregon 4. Kansas State 5. Notre Dame

Three 6 Mafia rapper, DJ Paul was arrested last night in NYC for illegal possession of a taser

Rupert Murdoch got some heat after tweeting about “scumbag celebrities”

Softbank will buy a 70% stake in Sprint for $ 20.1 Billion

US Retail sales went up by 1.1% this past September

George W. Bush is skeptical of Mitt Romney’s chances at winning the election

In world news, the Pakistani teen that was shot by the Taliban was sent to the UK for treatment

Taken 2 beat Argo in the box office this past weekend, Taken 2 came in at $22.5m and Argo at $ 20.1m

Kanye West flipped out last night in Miami over paparazzi asking him questions about Reggie Bush

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