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Today I’m Leaving the USA!

This is the hardest choice of my life — Call Grant County: (509)754-2011. Support my channel… BITCOIN address: 1LNy9ZpKaf8PijNLgsQoxpnk4fF9MQiXVv

Those directly responsable…
Judge David Estudillo
Judge Mark Chmelewski
Judge Janis Whitenermoberg
Prosecutor Marc Fedorak
Prosecutor Garth Dano
Officer Patrick Canady
Ephrata Police Department
Ephrata Sheriffs Depratment

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. Wise warriors fight the battle on their terms, not the enemy's. Freedom in the USA is gone. Do not fear, nearly every hero of history from David to Snowden had to run to restore freedom. You're in good company out here. I'm not hiding, I'm taking control. Much love to my family and friends. If you want to support our work go to…

  2. America is certainly not the best country in the world.
    They were totally CORRUPT.
    Where is the oversight?

  3. Yes the fascist forces have dumbed down and hypnotized a great majority of US citizens. Good luck to you and your family! You made your point and are walking your talk while you still can and before martial law is imposed on the sheeple. God bless and keep you safe!

  4. Sadly…..someday these videos will stop. We will be left wonder how Gavin and his poor family met their demise. Was he forced to watch the gang rape of his wife by the cartel, police, pissed off villagers……..or…..was he beheaded before the slaughter of the children. I ha e no doubt that this dude is in for a huge, bloody, terrifying wake up call.

  5. Glade to leave back in 1990….to pacific islands… was the best move that changed my life to the better…..

  6. Mr. Gavin
    My name is james hanna I would like to talk to you. I would like you to help me with a new agency. A real agency of the people by the people for the people. I call it the department of public trust and constitution. I'm going to make this happen. And I would like to have you help me with it and spread the word about the agency! For the main goal of the agency is to pretty much baby sit our government officials and all that's in government. This agency is all about keeping all in governmental power that we electe in check and honest. As well keeping our policie in check as well The department is 100% about protecting our rights and up holding the supreme law of the land. In a true court of law. The time for change is now and we have seven years to get it done. Be fore trump leaves office. Its a long shot. But I must try! I hope by promoting the agency! With you helping me we can get a following.
    I have had it with corruption. I am a true American patriot. That is going to make a run for president not because I want to because I must to insure the freedom of not just the American people but for man kind. For if we want change it starts with us the people. Like trump I will end the corruption. I hope he will do what needs to be done for the American people. And do what he said. To give the country back to its people. If he is truly about America and freedom of the people. The America I see is not where we should be today but so far we are on our way with trump. But I will take it the rest of the way if he dont. My goals are not even to become president. But it is to protect the people the constitution. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] THANKS

  7. People who run and then go on video yelling at the ones who can't run to stand up and fight back are just stupid people. If you want to fight then fight on US soil. Show people that there is nothing to be afraid of and that we have the right to speak the truth and that you are here to do that. There are a lot of people now speaking and showing the truth about our Gov and the deep state and they are still here. These are the people i call heros and stand behind. I like your videos i do but really dude!

  8. Oh my God! You are so correct. I have seen your videos with confrontation with local cops before. A long time ago. GMTA! I left USA in August 14, 2017. I got deported from British Burma back to Singapore, but lucky, a family in Singapore bailed me out. I had to eventually go back to USA for a month and I came back again. Late October and November went back. Came back to British Burma in late November. This place is so much better than USA, but I speculate Mexico is even better. Watching that Mexico sign is like me watching South Korea. South Korea is more 1970s USA than USA itself! Groovy! Best of luck! Loved this video. This has always been a great channel, but I do not regularly check it. I am from King County, Washington. I love Washington, but don't care for USA anymore. Take care!

  9. Only 21 more days before I head to Mexico too, Gavin. My flight and hotel are already booked. I've lived there before. Mexico and its people are awesome. Don't want trouble down there? Just don't get involved with drugs or exploit whatever riches you may have, or walk down back streets at night, and you won't. I lived there for three years once before and it's like being on vacation every single day, for half or less of what you can live for here in the states. Last time i was there, I paid $350 for a top floor apt in an old three-story home, where mostly the local people lived, very few expats, and not a problem, and everything was included, electricity, internet, water, wifi, completely furnished, and I already have several offers for the same complete deal waiting for me there now. Starting on day one, when I arrive, I will be publishing a daily blog about the area I will be living in, about the people, and what it costs me to live there on a daily basis, if anyone is interested. The blog will be called "On the Shores of Lake Chapala". I have already started a FB page for it at:

    Adios America, Hola Mexico!

  10. Good luck on your journey Gavin. May you and your family be safe on your trip. I have no doubt you will, once you get to your destination. The Mexican people cannot be beat.

  11. Your going away presents are like leaving the country with an ankle bracelet attached. You are not a high priority by any means. While I don't agree with the US court system I also believe you created your own drama. Quit making videos and live your life without the victim drama. That is the best change you can make.

  12. Gavin, we need Jesus. You will find hell everywhere you go. Look! Mexicans are dying to get to the USA. Cubans are fleeing from left to right. But I do agree with you that you speak the truth, you will mysteriously die. One example is the Vegas shooting.

  13. Maaaan ! Mr Seim ! I live far far away from USA and i was following you and watching you ! i even showed your videos to my high school students (i'm a teacher) as an example with other examples like Snowden to teach them how to stand for the truth and the right !
    Maybe you don't know that but you are a hero !

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