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Thousands protest Trump’s immigration policy across USA

Demonstrators rallied across the USA to protest President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

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  1. Illegals do not deserve or earn the same rights as American citizens. If you enter illegally, you have to face the consequences. You broke the laws of the U.S. Just like any other country. This is NOT a free for all, and it DOES cost U.S. tax payers, for every illegal that enters the country. Nobody talks about the costs to the U.S. and its legal citizens, Nobody talks about how unfair it is for those who take the time to study, learn, pay for, and obtain U.S. citizenship. If your leaving your country due to crime, and gangs, then the countries of the world, and the United Nations should be stepping in, and addressing the countries that have the problems, the U.N., should be sending in troops to those countries people are fleeing from. To address the crime and gangs. Instead of piling into the U.S. try to make your own country better.

  2. These miserable anarchists are insane.

    They are not my children assholes. My children don’t get smuggled across borders illegally. And it’s not about immigrants rights. Most immigrants who came to America legally believe illegal aliens, storming our borders, are criminals.

    Nobody gave a shit about the so-called poor children until our great POTUS Trump was elected. Now, the leftist pigs and their media cohorts care. Give me a break.

    Liberals are truly some nasty and very deranged people. Mentally ill to a fault. Remember, the majority of Americans want strong borders and a stop to illegal criminals violating our immigration laws.

  3. I am always amazed that these seemingly "well meaning people" seem incapable of seeing this issue from the perspective of our own native born poor working class! The reality here is that illegal immigrants have, for decades, driven down the earning power of native born workers. Illegals pay no social security, medicare or income taxes so they can work for less while bringing home the same pay. To believe that 15 million illegal aliens are not causing pain for American workers is at best naive and at worst simply mean. If we had a guest worker program which allowed Mexicans to come and go while paying the same taxes as native born workers, this would at least create a level playing field for native born American workers and it would at least put taxes in state coffers which are needed to pay for education and social services. America must confront the issue of illegal aliens. Liberals are simply playing ostrich here. If you don't think that the American workers get this, simply listen to this bit about why West Virginia natives love Donald Trump.

  4. GPH, yes families were separated under Obama. But, I implore you to look at a few particulars: there were far fewer families affected during the Obama years, those seeking REFUGE were let into this country without fear of be arrested, detained or held indefinitely. Trump has carried out much that has carried with it racist undertones, and I assume the border situation is one of them. Obama was not perfect. He was not a strongman. His decisions were not based out of fear that Americans are "losing their country?" Our forefathers are not happy at present.

  5. So ignorant — Just Get Out – You can't go to any other country and enter illegally then protest in the street — This is getting so ridiculous

  6. Remember, if you vote for Democrats in November you are standing with these people who want to open the border, abolish ICE, and then take away your right to defend yourself with a gun. Choose wisely.

  7. Idiot liberal cucks don't realize that Trump is only enforcing CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAW ! Democraps have refused to sit down with Trump and resolve the problem… and they REFUSED to accept Trump's proposal to grant a path to citizenship for 1.8 MILLION Dreamers, in exchange for the Wall and Real Border Security !

  8. Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  9. Trump's doing what needs to be done… the wrong way!
    His legacy will be a far Left backlash the likes of which we haven't seen since the Kennedys!

  10. Wallace Wimmer
    Wallace Wimmer
    When 12 year old girls parents put them on birth control before the caravan starts just shows how "horrible" trip is for illegal's. American can't save the whole 🌎. But the US citizens should appreciate what we have Trump 2020 MAGA
    1 second ago

  11. I love reading all this crap about "Trump's immigration policy", you understand that it's a law. The actual, passed by Congress and checked by the judiciary, law. He's just ordering it's enforcement. Which by the way, according to the Constitution, is his job. So by screaming, "Well he should just stop doing it." You're actually advocating for dictatorship. The three branches with their designated jobs exist for a reason. Please read the Constitution.

  12. All of you against separating families at the border need to sponsor one . Let them stay at your house with your family until they get processed. Help the situation. Don't just blame the president because he's from a different political party and doing the same thing the previous president did. He only does it at a higher efficiency rate because he is actually enforcing the law. Which is his job 🙂

  13. Other than to feel good about themselves, not clear what these people expect to accomplish by protesting a policy that has already been changed. More to the point, why don't they protest the child abuse of the border-crashers, who break US laws, thus leading to separation of children from parents. But hey, that wouldn't be anti-Trump, so why do it? Let's just emote instead.

  14. I find it sad and more than a bit strange that many of these same people protesting to keep the migrant families together are the same people who are so adamant that abortion is their individual right. Keep a family together while stopping a family dead in its tracks.

  15. Trump should take all these families and reunited take all and send back to Mexico, place where they use to cross the frontier, OR take those and put in a respective embassy, like Assange.

  16. typical liberal dem hypocrisy. They are for separating a mother from its child permanently by murdering the child in the mothers womb. Then they complain about Trump. Rofl

  17. omg,those people are crazy…which country in this world have open borders and protests like this?
    Manipulation with kids and people.
    Those people have hobby for protests,they think that is cool .
    No attention to them and staged fake news

  18. Maybe "thousands" all across America, but even Chicago had less than 200 protestors. Plus, the media has begun asking if "protestors" got paid – it's already established the organizers have been paid by the Dems and Soros.

    Where were these idiots when Obama separated immigrant children. This is just another anti-Trump protest. Keep it up, your dishonesty is guaranteeing Trump victories in 2018 and 2020. When you grow up, you'll realize that America enforces laws – illegal is illegal. You have to change the laws and crying in the streets doesn't do that. Thinking does.

    Protests (complaining) doesn't change anything and hasn't since the 60s. People who care don't march around crying and shouting, they contribute positively to the conversation.

  19. Trump winning almost everyday. Conservatives ecstatic everyday. Liberals losing almost everyday. Liberal heads exploding everyday. Love it!!!!! Enjoy the next 6 1/2 years snowflakes:):):):):)

  20. You all are right. Family's should not be separated and kids should not be taken from their parents. They should all be put on a trebuchet, and launched back over the border as 1 solid mass. The landing will be the best part in my opinion and we should sell tickets to see it.

  21. You have to give Trump his due… He knew by using the Zero Tolerance Policy he
    could bring Democrats to Justice for not agreeing to Immigration reform… He doesn't
    make the Law He has to enforce them.. Now the Lazy Democrats the Obstructionist
    like Pelosi and chuck schumer for not addressing Immigration Reform and using Dreamer
    as an excuse to obstruct what we pay them to do Make Law… Trump forced them to
    recognize the Law.. and lit the fire … the man is a Genius… if Elijah Cummins want
    to change it quit using the illegal DOCA and Dreamer as a Political football which was
    caused under Obama by creating this mess.
    It is a Socialist Agenda..
    This is how Socialists work.. look at how they treated Jews in Germany in front of Jewish
    owned business… lest we forget  National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more
    commonly known as Nazism. These are the Nazis and we have not learned our lessons from the past.
    Watch and learn ..

  22. Thousands of us silently support the thousands demonstrating against the Orange Idiot. Hurry up, Mueller, and y'all vote BLUE, so we can turn Donald Disaster into a private citizen, subject to all laws of the United States. Then, buckle your seat belt.

  23. These people are all brainwashed liberal hypocrites these are the first people to call police and Ice if something were to occur they are cowards they are ungrateful pieces of shit kick every last illegal out of this country immediately and kick these assholes out while you're at it these people are sick traitors to the United States

  24. 2,700,000 American kids have a parent in prison.
    400,000 American kids are in foster care.
    765,000 American kids are separated from their military parents not knowing if they'll see them again.
    But the media focuses on 2,000 kids who are temporarily separated from illegal immigrants.

  25. Day by day I am getting more convinced that some Americans do not take the time to comprehend or understand what is happening. Its not fair that we have to pay taxes and can't get help. However, illegal immigrants who come over here and do not pay taxes and don't work get more help than most Americans. So, you protesting for people who do not respect our country and call us stupid Americans? They take from us rather than helping us.

  26. How come all these people not speaking out (or caring) about parents (law-abiding US citizens) separated from their children every day, all these years by the U.S. Family Court System? Google Family Court Corruption movies, films, video, etc.

  27. During the Great Depression, DEMOCRATIC President Roosevelt placed a COMPLETE BAN ON ALL IMMIGRATION TO THE U.S., BOTH LEGAL, AND ILLEGAL. Did anyone protest then, even before we had tens of millions of Americans looking for decent jobs, jobs all lost to Mexico and China?? He did this during an economic crisis, just like we're having now, unless you're among the deluded imbeciles who still believe Barack Obama's fantasy that, "Our economy is doing just great, FOLKS!!". But l luckily, I have the perfect solution to this entire illegal immigration problem. It's compassionate, it's non-violent, and best of all, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE TO TAXPAYERS. It is as follows:


    So far, I've posted this same challenge on over 100 different You Tube channels, and so far, not even a single protestor has responded, either here, or abroad. Isn't that interesting? Can any of you spell the word, "HYPOCRITE"?? I didn't think so.

  28. Hey militant leftists, you need a new sign; HATE TRUMPS LOVE, He stopped 8 years of OBAMAS splitting up families, and your still protest it? You look so retarded!

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