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This is America’s last Blockbuster store

The video rental store Blockbuster will soon only have one remaining store in the US.

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  1. Blockbuster was going to buy Netflix back then for $50 million dollars. Netflix is now worth $150 billion dollars and Blockbuster is down to it's last store. Oh how things change!

  2. We have a blockbuster in Sandy Oregon. So this is fake news. Like always CNN not doing any damn research

  3. 1990-2018 28 years old I remember when I was 7 years old when my dad used to rent movies there I will walk through the aisles and I will sell popcorn soda and cotton candy

  4. This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito 2
    ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ:
    Despacito 2 (Feat: Lil Pump) ──────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ ⠀ 𝟸:𝟷𝟾 / 𝟹:𝟻𝟼 ⠀ ───○ ᴴᴰ⚙️ ❐ ⊏⊐

  5. Fuck up era 2010-2019
    We got balls era 2000-2009
    Wierd era 1990-1999
    Classic cartoon , anime and,game era 1980-1989

  6. When I was little, my family and I would walk to the blockbuster across the street. It was awesome. You could get like 3-5 movies for the weekend. I get how everyone has Netflix (I do too) and stuff but Netflix doesn’t have everything. Plus paying for a movie online is such a pain and it’s pretty expensive sometimes.
    Edit: I’m 14 rn so this was when I was like 5 and throughout my childhood

  7. I remember going to a blockbuster as a kid, we'd all run in and scavenge a movie for the weekend and rush the movies back last minute to avoid the massive fees ohhh memories

  8. Wow.. I'll remember to tell my future children "Back in my day.. We used DVD and Blue-Ray Players."

  9. I feel nothing…
    jk lol bittersweet”
    I swear I paid Thousand$ in late fees, but gonna miss the smell of popcorn when walking in. Aye Best Buy’s wal-mart jacked block busters employee uniforms, I’m just saying.

  10. Not only do I miss video rental stores but I prefer it to online rental and Netflix. I watch significantly less movies than I used to now that I have access to pretty much any movie at any time. There's just a different feel to seeing a an image of a movie cover to actually holding the movie in your hands and renting it based on the cover and back. Not to mention games and snacks plus bringing the family, it was an event and now renting and watching a movie is just not as fun and exciting.

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