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This Happened On Our Earth With USA vs Iran Update May 9 2018 Endtime Signs!?

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  1. thank you so very very very much Mr Trump let's get together for a glorious day behind the righteous indignation of Hell mongrel in Congress of America welcome to hell with my wife she leads in Congress of America go fuck yourself

  2. God bless the righteous indignation of Hell mongrel in Congress of America welcome to condemn people who hate my God gave me much more of this world The Condemn that sinkhole my bottomless pit of Hell mongrel with my drangline in my barn and sniffing around my bottomless pit of Hell mongrel

  3. Mr Trump I'm guilty of speaking God's Will and Truth please arrest me for my crimes of Hell mongrel in Congress of America I'm your family always always in my God have lot more fun with my wife and my bottomless pit of Hell mongrel

  4. Obamanation should have never slithered the deal to begin with. But considering he was cut from the same cloth so to speak, someone has to clean up his massive mess. I tell you this is instigated and performed by the elites to set the stage for war and after reading Isaiah 10v5 to the end of the chapter people need to be in prayer. Also, in Jeremiah it says how can the youngest nation be the superpower of the world. Then goes on to say how can the hammer of the whole earth be cut asunder. Sorry should have looked up chapters for everyone. But needless to say these events are planned by the powers that be and most come straight out of the Word of God and they know that also. This is a good thing that has happened but dont ever be deceived because so much deception in the world right now so much! Stay strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might. Thank you Studio 9.

  5. …it would have been hilarious if they would have caught on fire and the whole UN… the wolf in the sheep skin… Lets send all our loving Trump haters over there, so they can show support for Iran's regime, sure they will be welcomed and treated like VIP's.  I'll get the popcorn.

  6. US , Europe , UK , Asia and Africa used bad TOXIC suddenly attacked and killed 41,000,000 Iran people . So surly Iran soon return to all of them .

  7. Rejoice, Jesus Christ our Lord is returning soon. Amen! We Jews and Gentiles no longer matter in The United States of Babylon. We are harmed by black mass Satanic Witches who use the heroin using law bridge into hell to harm us who adibe by the Ten Commandments from Aron and Moses.

  8. They PRETEND to be Christians, they PRETEND to be left and right, THEY PRETEND.
    To the "Christians" who are supporting this twit, QUIT PRETENDING, your evil, Trump emulates the 7 DEADLY SINS, he is a whore. His FRIEND Kayne is a DEVIL WORSHIPER, PROFESSED. As a God fearing woman, I DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH EVIL, PERIOD. So, fuck off all of you evil whores. God knows who you are… : )

  9. So burning a piece of paper makes them act like that excited🤔 meantime I've been wiping my ass on Iran flag as toilet paper 😂

  10. I think trump want made himself a god.but its not possible if he wanna start with muslims then he will see the ugly picture of america and northern israel alsoo.


  12. Trump is so much like reagan. Im so happy on the inside and out. My children and there children now have a proud safe country to live……U.S.A God Bless America

  13. Iran is a threat to America? USA has seven aircraft carriers 2000 nukes 700 military bases many of them around Iran so how the f*** is Iran a threat to the USA? That's insane

  14. Iran hates America. Iran hates Israel. There's nothing either nation could do to change that. What's ironic is that it's only BECAUSE of the Jews that Iran (new Persia) even exists today.

  15. Those parliamentarians are the representative of the irani public… eavh and every irani is ready to fight with america and israel … u.s,a is playing with fire this is not iraq and libya … its iran … american citizen must have to stand against their government and stopped them before america get destroyed

  16. Time to wipe Iran off the planet even as they recieved their money they still chanted death to America way before Trump. Now is different we dont have a fagget pussy president anymore when the shit gets real we drop M.O.A.B's this country is more powerful than they think we are God Bless America.

  17. Mindless idiots who are not even in control of their own affairs fighting amounts to nothing gained but the Rothschild's becoming more powerful. Does the political hacks of Iran know what happens when you refuse the Banksters agenda. Take a look at Iraq Libia Venezuela and oh yeah Siria . Please wake up and don't fall into the trap or the country will be thrown into shambles. War is never the answer but they are to mindless and blinded by political and religious dogma prevent their destruction

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