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The USA Today Parade (Featuring Mike Walter, Vin Narayanan, & Joel Sucherman)

In this 2011 update of their presentation originally released in 2007 Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) examines the accounts of several reporters and editors with USA Today/Gannett Publishing who allegedly witnessed the 9/11/2001 attack on the Pentagon. The point of view from Route 27 in relation to the official flight path is scrutinized while exclusive CIT interviews with Joel Sucherman and Vin Narayanan are featured along with video footage of a statement by Mike Walter. For more information visit

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  1. If you paid attention to the video Sucherman is the one who claimed he was late for work. This was around 9:40 so that means you are suggesting that all the others happened to conveniently be in the same place at this world historical moment at the same time that Sucherman was late even though you admit that 10:00 wasn't typical for most on your "team". Coincidence theorists are a hoot.

  2. the airplane was traveling with speed over 900 km/h, yet he could see all the details of United Airlines. And he could even manage to turn head, and follow it, although it was probably 100-150 metres away from him! Approximate time that airplane would have spent in his range of vision would be maybe 1/3 of a second. He should be executed ! Stoned to death for lying!

  3. I also like how Mike Walter tries to invent new physics- without kinetic energy. Wings folding back…common, even Monty Python couldn`t come up with that. So they neatly folded back, like on F-111 , and the airplane slid into Pentagon, right…. and then it quiet, as England said.

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