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The Rise And Fall Of Toys R Us | CNBC

One of the most famous toy stores Toys R Us is closing its doors for good.
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The Rise And Fall Of Toys R Us | CNBC

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  1. I don’t care if this was my childhood, this could of been my child’s future, his chance to expand his imagination, his opportunity to lose his mind over several showcases filled with toys. Scrolling down your phone to look at pictures of toys will never be the same. I think there is no one to blame but ourselves for letting the tablet industry strive and the toy market crash

  2. Goodby childhood, I honestly Loved toys r us, I like how the ailes were set up to, but when I heard by my friend that it was getting torn down…

  3. The Toys R us's in my area for the past many years never updated their interior you can tell the company was losing money.

  4. My dad took me here every weekend and we spent at least 300 dollars this is the store of my childhood I would do anything to keep it open

  5. amazon has crawlers in their website which detect best selling items and they start selling the same thru amazon thus hurting the merchant who sold them in amazon platform. eBay doesnt compete with their own merchants

  6. Wow. I will never be able to take my children to toys r us for them to pick out some toys. Yes it’s convenient to just buy off amazon and have it quickly delivered but nothing is gonna replace that feeling of getting in the car and anticipating looking around at all the cool stuff. Rip toys r us

  7. My childhood. The times I spent dragging my father to this very store and picking out a toy with my sister. Sigh Those memories are golden. I can't believe they closed it down.

  8. But, how will children experience life at a young age if all they can do is sit behind a screen and just look with their eyes!?

  9. I can't believe they closed down the one in times square! WE HAD A FERRIS WHEEL AND A DINOSAUR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! What a wonderland it was!

  10. Rip ToysRus when I was a lil kid I got a remote control Lincoln Navigator with 24s for Xmas I prayed so much for it .. n my dad bought me it was the best Christmas .

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