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The Daily Show Exposes ‘Retarded’ CEO Comments

“Would increasing the minimum wage leave the most vulnerable workers with fewer jobs? Financial commentator Peter Schiff thinks so. The investment broker and talk radio host told Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee that lifting the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, as President Barack Obama announced he would do by executive order for federal employees, could have devastating effects…”.* Why did Schiff go on to refer to “mentally retarded” people? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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The Daily Show Exposes ‘Retarded’ CEO Comments

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  1. You are a retard Cenk and I support Peter Schiff 100%. You just hate him because of his economic ideas: no to big government, no to unnecessary welfare, low business taxes and low personal income taxes. You're the worst of US immigrants at times, exposing your love to splurge out taxpayer money to get votes. Please don't run for political office, you might be popular, but you will bankrupt the treasury. Peter is not like that and you hate him for it.

  2. It should be illegal to make more than 10x what the minimum wage is. Nobody's work should be worth 10x someone else's.

  3. Peter Schiff actually understands economics unlike Cenk. Does Cenk support a $20 min wage and all the unemployment that will create? Some minimum wage is harmless but using it as a way to increase prosperity will to quote Trump be a disaster

  4. While you were trying to "just ask him questions" you were talking over his answer to your previous question. This is deception.

  5. This is a little sad. If you look slightly more into what happened during this interview, The Daily Show interviewed Peter for 4 hours, then during the show cut up his answers and questions being asked to make him look as bad as possible. Many times during the interview the answers they showed to her questions were not the answers he gave, they were answers from different questions from the 4 hour interview.
    It was very dishonest and pretty pathetic. The fact that you didn't do that research, though, doesn't surprise me at all. This show never ceases to lower the bar on themselves.
    Also, you know that many companies hire mentally retarded people to work at their stores and do things like inventory and stocking. I'm sure you didn't know that, but at least now you do.

  6. That interview was so fake lol. You could tell they pieced together like five different conversations to make him say stupid stuff he didn't.

    That's why they didn't show the clip because it's a comedy piece; obviously fake.

    But this Cenk says it like it was a political serious interview. It was a comedy skit. Not a report lol.

    They filmed that interview for 4 hours to put together a 3 minute comedy interview all pieced together.

    Cenk is mad because Schiff owned him in their interview and Cenk wouldn't let him talk and eventually cut him off because Schiff was using logic to destiny cenks arguement. If he had actually debated him it would have gone viral as "Cenk gets owned by Peter Schiff using facts and logic."

    Cenk didn't want that. Bad for business. And bad for the DNC who essentially just bought his TYT channel last week for 20 million.


  7. why anyone follows cenk is beyond me. He has less education on economics than an average 17 yr old and hes more retarded than 2 liberals trying to guess eachothers gender. Peter absolutely wrecked him in their debate. Who would win – Successful economist or uneducated hippo?

  8. Surprising to see you use the word "retarded" in an insulting manner. A better title may be something like "CEO comments on 'mentally retarded' individuals". Instead you used the obviously purposively ambiguous phrase "retarded CEO comments", which either means the comments were "retarded" or the CEO was "retarded". Either way, you are using the word "retarded" in a derogatory manner and then rebuking Schiff for using the word "retarded" in an insensitive manner. You also missed the point of his argument as he didn't say anything about who he would hire, but instead answered a question on who would get $2/hour on a free market without minimum wage. You can't really take the moral high ground on this one, buddy. I used to really respect you, Cenk. I know you're not stupid. What has happened to you? Is your double standard just "expos[ing] who [you] really [are]" too? I hope not.

  9. There's plenty of businesses that hire disabled people. There's always tasks that they could manage. And thus they could feel useful in society.
    Your alternative though, leaves all disabled people without jobs, completely excluded from society. Nice job dude.

  10. Awww, it's so cute watching this obnoxious turd virtue-signal. Peter Schiff only failed to stop talking in your interview because you kept moving away from topics you were dead wrong on. You got owned, and all you can do is character assassinate and appeal to emotions.

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