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Thai Soccer Team Found Alive in Cave | NYT News

The 12 boys and their coach had been trapped in a flooded cave for more than a week.

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  1. Only idiots lead children on excursions to dangerous caves. And the parents of these children are double idiots.

  2. coach let's them lay down, drink water(rain),and not move their body to save energy
    Thai seal said coach is weaker than children right now because
    Before they go inside they have SOME snacks and SOME water and coach give it's all to children
    They all have flashlight and coach let's them use it one by one to see water(rain) above the cave and level of water in cave
    PLEASE Don't BLAME coach or children especially coach,I'm thai people who follow about this news everyday
    I saw many picture of coach and the children(they are like brother),coach is REALLY love the children and he try his best to took care all of them🙏

  3. I am from the Birth Country of Lord Buddha Nepal. Lord buddha looked after the kids. Even on harsh pitch dark days, they found light. This world should walk on the path of Buddha.

  4. The Canadian Hebephiles Union offered to help care for the boys but later withdrew the offer when their slightly quicker member realised that spelunking was not what they had in mind when they first imagined a group of trapped teenage Thai boys.

  5. Been watching all week hoping they'd be found, so happy to hear they're all alive. Well done to the couch for keeping these boys safe. Thank you to every rescue team from Thailand, oz, Japan and UK you're all hero's

  6. Carlos Slime and the NYT involved in Human Trafficking and Drug trafficking into the U.S. as well as supporting pedophilia worldwide.

  7. Just give them food, batteries and gaming devices. Eventually the [fresh] water will recede. Fixed.

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