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Terry Crews Calls Out Russell Simmons

Why is Russell Simmons asking Terry Crews to drop assault charges?? Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

“Terry Crews is through playing games.
The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and former professional NFL player took to Twitter yesterday to call out music mogul Russell Simmons. Crews posted an email Simmons allegedly sent him, urging him to drop his recent sexual assault charges against high-powered Hollywood agent Adam Venit. (Crews claims that Venit, a high-powered Hollywood agent who represents top clients such as Emma Stone, Adam Sandler, and Eddie Murphy, made a series of lewd gestures and then physically groped him at a party last year.)

According to the screenshot, Simmons’s email said the following:
“Did he ever apologize Give the agent a pass ask that he be reinstated
With great love, all things are possible”
To which Crews issued this remarkable response:
Dear @UncleRUSH—-
Crews’ reply is not only brilliant–it’s an excellent demonstration of emotional intelligence,the ability to make emotions work for you and not against you.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, Brett Erlich


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  1. This guy wearing the hat is awkward and basically saying he would condone this behavior. I would never in my life tell a victim how to feel.

  2. Cenk are u kidding me? Thick skinned? Wtf? I think u are seeing this as a male vs female thing. Since Terry is a big strapping guy he should just shrug it off? GTFOH! No,he should not drop it. Russell asked him to drop it because he does this shit and most likely his friend Brent asked him to talk to Terry. No,YOU DONT GET A PASS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE.

    IM SO GLAD Russell Simmons was exposed. I’ve always new he was a creep. Fake ass spiritualist my ass!! It’s always the most holier than thou people who have the most to hide.

  3. I'm sure the issue with crews is about someone with power grabbing him, and not about just getting grabbed. when people of power get eliminated, it creates a vacuum for others to fill, kind of like how cenk got his show. his former employees got eliminated by their own stupidity, and so cenk captured a large share of that audience, just as cenk will eliminate himself by his own stupidity as evidenced by his flawed logic and total hypocrisy on this argument.

  4. This dude said a man grabbed him and he didn't think anything about it! So obviously you liked it, has nothing to do with thick skin, wrong is wrong.

  5. People do things to people when they think they can get away with them hes lucky terry crews is smart and is taking the appropriate action by keeping it within us guidelines and filing charges because if it was me ide be in jail hed be man down so im very proud of him using that level of self control 💯

  6. First off this Young Turk piece of garbage he calls his show The Young Turks which was the name of the military arm of the Turks who killed a million-and-a-half are Armenians you can look in his eyes and tell that it's something wrong with this man he's a piece of garbage

  7. Hmm surprised by this. Seems like grabbing dicks is something people seem cool with. Simmons was sent by the powers that be to tell Terry to chill. Terry dose not want to chill and why should he. I support you Terry Crews.

  8. Cenk doesnt understand that some guys aren't ok with gay shit. This is why some people are homophobic because the line of acceptance gets blurred & now you're excusing the sexual assault.

  9. When your boss grabs your dick and laughs in your face grow some thicker skin and grab back . Disappointed in Turks today .

  10. Both of these motherfuckers are absolutely utterly, ridiculously, crazy and are openly supporting sexual abuse misconduct, sexual harassment and even rape. No one is bringing Russel into it, he brought himself into it. And if we are friends and you want me to ALLOW this type of abuse then we are no longer friends. Russell sent the email because he does the same shit. They have participated in this type of behavior themselves. Obvious from the stances taken in this video. That is an email that they would send and would want it kept private.

  11. Some weard times we are living in. Tt's like an invisible hand is taking down all the masks of these monsters. I hope Terry copied and saved that e-mail. BC it's evidens of him speaking the truth of what happened to him. Also, these moguls, derectors and "talantagents" had and still have ASSISTANTS who I'm sure knew and DO KNOW everithing their bosses do. And HELP them to clean their mess. I WANT TO SEE THEM OUT AND CONVICTED ASWEL.

  12. Also, it looks as Cenk is desperet to downplay this type of incidents. Is it bc he have experience it himself and let it sly? Well, if thats the case, that was his choice. No need to imply it to others.

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