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Arizona Veterans Affairs (VA) & CITY OF MARICOPA Elected officials & POLICE FAILURE Kills Veteran in Crisis January 18th, 2015, Johnathon Guillory, a veteran of the war in Iraq Afghanistan was shot and killed by police in the CITY of Maricopa Arizona. 32-year-old veteran left a wife and two children behind. What could have been a PREVENTABLE DEATH by CITY OF MARICOPA POLICE is now turning into yet another case of NEGLIGENCE Breaking News January 2015

February 2015 Military Veterans Rally peaceful demonstration at city of Maricopa City Council meeting Mayor Christian Price Chief of Police Steve Stahl concerning latest combat vet killed by police in Arizona Iraq Combat vet with PTSD police fatal shooting 1/18/15
police & combat veterans with PTSD demonstration

City of Maricopa Arizona Cobblestone Farms HOA refuse to contact reach out to community about City of Maricopa Police on 1/18/15 shoot & kill Iraq Afghan vet w/PTSD – neighbor seeks more action on PTSD Breaking News January 2015

American Sniper Movie Clint Eastwood’s record breaking about veteran Chris Kyle Killed by PTSD Vet February 2015

City of Maricopa Police on 1/18/15 shoot & kill Iraq Afghan vet w/PTSD – neighbor seeks more action on PTSD Breaking News January 2015

City of Maricopa Arizona Cobblestone Farms HOA Home Owners Association (602-957-9191 Cynthia Quillen Mgr. & Board of directors President Ryan Atwood) refuse to help by contacting reaching out to the cobblestone community/homeowners/renters to find out if anyone saw the fatal police shooting on 1/18/2015. Breaking News January 2015. Arizona Department Public Safety Special Investigation unit URGES anyone who saw or heard anything to PLEASE call Detective Jeff Brown 602-223-2110 or anyone in the special investigation unit with any and all information that could help in the investigative ongoing process – Cobblestone Farms Management – AAM, LLC

USA Iraq Afghan Combat Veteran with PTSD Johnathan Guillory 32 diagnosed with PTSD called 911 for help and the City of Maricopa police shot and killed him ( says need PTSD help call 911) Victim in officer-involved shooting was Iraq vet, suffered from PTSD Breaking News January 2015

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news January 2015 for more information contact Cynthia Quillen 602-957-9191

City of Maricopa Arizona Chief of Police Steve Stahl STATING only one person has called the police with concerns about the shooting please call Steve Stahl to let a NOW silent voice be heard on WHY (520-316-6909)

CALL Mayor Christian Price & Vice Mayor stating why police officers killed a Iraq veteran who sought help for PTSD and the VA turned him away when for years had been asking for help Contact Mayor Christian Price (520) 316-6828 Vice mayor Marvin L. Brown (520) 316-6829 City of Maricopa Arizona City Council meeting

City of Maricopa Police Officers involved in deadly shooting of a Iraq Afghanistan combat war veteran with PTSD identified

City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

USA Combat Veterans PTSD Crisis Iraq veteran diagnosed with PTSD called 911 for help and the City of Maricopa police shot and killed him ( says need PTSD help call 911)

Arizona Vets upset Obama skips Phoenix TROUBLED Scandal VA hospital on visit

2014 Martial Law LockDown Never forget 1 Million US citizens Last days End Times News

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  1. Include Beaumont, Texas. There is a new Training facility right here. It is in plain sight. Everyone who follows this know what this is. Including the Local Sheriffs department and Police Department. A local store owner I know who is Muslim also tells me what this facility is for. He claims he is not an extremist like some of his fellow Muslim Friends. But he knows it was established to train for a time when jihad is called. in America. We  know this and no one is doing anything. Anything!!!To stop this.!!!  

  2. Another fake news from FOX. Just another propaganda. They literally apologies for the contents ''error" in this report. And reveal there's no such 'NO GO ZONE' in UK and France.
    Those who still took this news seriously, you guys should stop watching FOX news A.S.A.P

  3. A moderate Muslim is just like moderate Christians. They simply don't know their Holy Books. This stuff God laughs at and with a Word or Thought…no waving of wands or denying terms… God WILL have His Words fulfilled, discussed freely and openly in DETAIL in The Only True God's Word, The Holy Bible. Catch up, Lou. God is sttill on His Throne, but is He getting fed up and angry! Jesus WILL COME. It's a promise!!!

  4. Free Speech in the U.S. and the Constitution? Only with a cage and a permit and only in a Free Speech Zone. You making that statement makes you a tool, too to say it's so and with your reputation and audience, you could do SO MUCH MORE. It might cost your life, BUT, "what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Jesus said, "Don't fear the one who can kill the body, rather FEAR the ONE who can destroy your body and soul in Hell./' He makes it very clear from the git go and throughout…They killed the prophets, they'll kill me and they WILL kill YOU if you follow Me. I've always known if I live long enough…I'm already hated and discriminated against. My husband and son disowned me for Christ and I am "on the list". I am also prepared tho it can really hurt that evryone turns on you and even threatens my life, but I can NOT deny the ONE who layed down His Life for me and Praise God, he let me be born here and not in an Islamic nation. I'd be dead already, or worse…ALIVE and TORTURED in Nigeria. In the end, HE IS the ONLY ONE WHO MATTERS and I may not be as prepared as those, but Praise be that His Grace is sufficient and He provides the strength to bear whatever may come. Discrimination from my own DOCTORS got me hospice and a death sentence…16 MONTHS AGO! They gave me a few weeks! My Father is still in the miracle business. I'm not 100% healed yet, but no longer bedridden, wheelchair bound and walking on my own two feet when my only chance "THEY" said was amputation of BOTH LEGS and dialysis, etc. THEY are eating their words. What an AWESOME GOD I serve and His name is NOT Allah, but Jehovah.

  5. sure budd, I will challenge any of these fools to hand to hand combat any day, isis is weak, drop your guns suckers, and get the fuck out of America if you hate it so much, go fight with you brothers over seas

  6. stop all Muslims from entering the U.S., round up the 1's already here foreign & natural born. they cant keep their laws to themselves, they put rape victims to death, there's no such things as freedom of religion, speach, or women's rights in islam…

  7. you are missing some there are several in Florida. I have one 5 min from my house there are several others through out the state.

  8. أوربا ساقطه كس عراضهم اهم شي امريكا
    تكلهم كلهم نفس الشي يجي يدافع عن جبهه النصره بسوريا وهمه نايمين يمه باوربا

  9. Let them try that shit here. Women in this country are armed and won't cower to the cowards. If only the women of Islam would all rise up and give the evil a permanent dirt nap. For sure American women will have no problem killing anyone that wants to brutality us, or our children. Look at the kurdish girls. Killing those rat bastards, sending the cowards to hell at the hands of women.

  10. The Muslim training camps are the best example of that which the radicals are planning to do. They want to operate their own laws within the US to conquer from within. They ran out of virgins in their own country and made that country such a hell hole, so they needed some soft saps in other countries, to steal their girl children so they can plant their subhuman seed in them. Women are now faced with wearing burquas and becoming slaves. The things patriots have fought for, and died for are now here to subvert us.
    WAR TO YOU RADICAL ISLAMICS! We Refuse to give up our Constitution for Sharia Law ! You are now starting to move on us because you are ready to pick us off one by one as sitting ducks. But Wait, your camps are identified and will be dismantled and you will be routed from this country. The wrath of American patriots is now aroused. You have been saying: DEATH To Americans ?! I say DEATH TO RADICAL ISLAMISTS!! Leave this country now or you will not leave alive !!!


  12. bomb stadiums kill entertainment then bomb highway bomb banks if the USA has allies and enemies both will be offended over $11,000,000 with banks around everybody believe it will be paid back destroy banks they will know it won't

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