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Taiwan Invite US To Open Military Base on Taiping Island In The South China Sea

✅ Top Stories Today – The bold proposal by some experts of an unnamed pro-independence think tank calls for the Pentagon to set up a base on Taiping Island for humanitarian and rescue operations, according to local news media.

Taiping, the biggest islet in the Spratly chain, is technically controlled by Taiwan, though an international arbitration tribunal has ruled that it is merely a land formation over which no claimants are entitled to claim sovereignty.
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  1. China believes they own the SCS. The rest of the world doesn't agree. Russia doesn't want any part of that disagreement, they don't have anything to gain from it. You dont have to be a genius to figure out who wins a war in the SCS.

  2. Its actually fairly simple: If China didn't get too greedy & didn't bully weaker ASEAN countries by occupying islands that didn't belong to China, then they would never have provoked the combined military might of the rest of the world.

  3. Very bad decision by taiwan I cannot stand the fact this vountry has usa military here & would rather leave than stay. Everywhere the usa have military bases thrres always problems & they'll never leave

  4. Let's not freak out. If the US decided to take Taiwan up on its offer, what can the CCP do about it? Nothing. If they try, what will be the ramifications? Moderate US recession in the US while they turf manufacturing to India, Mexico, and Brazil and the Americans now have to pay $11 for a pair of shoes instead of $10. On the Chinese end, economic instability, mass unemployment, government instability, possible CCP collapse. Hooray, China will now be fit to enter the world stage. Not to mention, they lose those islands in the SCS which would find themselves garrisoned by Philippine and Vietnamese troops from here on.

    There are a couple of reasons for not taking them up on the offer, but I'll discuss later.

  5. I don't know why Chinese Communist government spending a lot of money to build workless islands but don't take Taiwan back🤔

  6. Red China pig party love guilt tripping the Taiwanese. Using Han pride as a tool to seduce the Taiwanese. Like what hitler did to the Austrians in WW2. Look it up. Its like the Red China pig party admire and are following in the footsteps and techniques of the Nazis.


  8. Crazy – First the west pokes the Russian bear with a stick now they start using the same stick on the Chinese Tiger. The Russian government puts their casualties at 26.6 million people in WW11, the Chinese casualties against the Japanese was between 3 million and 10 million but probably 6 million, the US casualties in Korea were 36,914, US casualties in Vietnam 58.220, allied casualties in Afghanistan 3408, Russian casualties in Afghanistan 15,000 killed and 35,000 wounded. Folks from a very young age when we start our education we led to believe we have an enemy. I was born during the closing stages of WW11 and at about 7 years old there were comic books where the British and Americans were at war with Germany and Japan, the next bad guy to come along were the Russians then the Chinese where Chiang Kai – shek a nationalist and Mao Zedong fought against the Japanese were eventually defeated and then Mao Zedong got the upper hand and Chiang Kai – shek and the nationalist retreated to Formosa now Taiwan which the Chinese claims as part of China. I would advise President Trump to take a page from Dr Ron Paul's book, the US is not the policeman of the world bring your people home and rebuild the USA as he (Trump) has enough problems at home.

  9. Even as one doesn't click to listen, this video title is enough to say, "Communist China, behave your Emperor Xi!".

  10. China is the biggest mistake ever happened in the history of earth. This is the most disgusting nation on earth. They are thieves, polluters, baby killers, endangered animal killers, environment destroyers,.. name it and this nation has it.

  11. As far as I'm aware, no nation with a U.S. military base stationed on it has ever been attacked. Despite pro-Chinese posts claiming otherwise, the PLA would give pause with an American military base in Taiwan. Trump won't do that at this juncture, but it becomes an interesting option if future negotiation break down or further Chinese bases are built in the ME region. Hyper-sonic missile systems in Taiwan, both conventional and otherwise would be serious and significant deterrence to any act of aggression by China.

  12. What think tank is this? History has shown nobody fights for you for free. Look at the British and what they did to the Indian Rajs.

  13. This is the final resort if we add another base there.
    China will back off at first but we see this base happen then get ready shir would be getting deep

  14. Here is a bolder proposal. Taiwanese government should just declare Taiwan is part of US and Japanese territory. and bitches will have all the protections in world. and


  15. PRC is going to take the island in minutes since the ROC cannot manage it well. Both the mainland and Taiwan belongs to same China, Taiwan is managing by ROC government because of civil war which is not ended yet.

  16. Clearly a suicidal mission! If US builds a military base as proposed, then it is the US who is militarising the SCS. Speak of double standards and hypocrisy!

  17. More like Thailand politicians got bribed by Americans or Jews to let USA in. Who would want to host terrorists in their country?

  18. Since the islands are built, just make them a tourist stop for everyone. They already have tennis courts.

  19. I still consider Taiwanese are Chinese before but not anymore. If u still think u are "Taiwanese" instead of Chinese, then go found your "Taiwan" country in Newyork or Washington DC, The US is willing to help~~~. hahaha. Leave the island for China, Cuz it's China's land, not Taiwanese land. Any Chinese government shall not accept foreign force's help, The middle kingdom shall be united by its own people, If any foreign country wanna join the throne game, the rule will change, it not gonna end until winner takes all. before jump into the game, think again what price u can afford, especially u already lost to this opponent twice in korea and vietnam.

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