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‘Such compassion’: UK official calls for removal of homeless before royal wedding

Britain’s getting ready for another royal wedding this year. However one local official might have gone a bit too far with the preparations – he called on the police to remove rough sleepers ahead of the big day. That didn’t go down well with the public and even the country’s Prime Minister has had to weigh in.


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  1. as David Icke said… The Queen wears a million pound crown and talks about austerity in her Christmas speech…

  2. There should be no homeless to begin with. Maybe have Daleks go around and take care of the problem since society has let them waste away. If they are actual historical Britons then they should be helped though.

  3. If the homeless are British citizens; why not deport a few of the "troublesome"
    foreigners and ISIS types to give these British homeless a place to live?
    Hmm .. Harry seems like a decent chap; I hope that he heeds his grandmother's
    advice and demands an iron-clad prenuptial agreement. (Or no wedding)
    I think that Megan an opportunistic gold-digger; and that she's about as
    common … (i.e. no class) … as Prince Andrew's wife, Sarah Ferguson.Some of those Windsor men have a thing for strumpets …..
    (And, none of them are the brightest lightbulbs in the fixture .. of their era)

  4. St. Louis mo usa ! Closed a homeless shelter last spring with lack of help for the homeless in St. Louis in 15F or -8.4C weather we had a man freeze to death in a construction site ( port a potty or a outhouse ) he was found dead by a construction worker. U can find the story at stl today or ( Eliot Davis fox 2 news ) ! We need the eyes of the world on this to try to get these ppl help . Plz report on it

  5. Im from England, sometimes when I see homeless people I give them £1 knowing its enough for them to get a cheeseburger from McDonalds, Im unemployed. And then you have "THOSE people"

  6. How DARE those dirty peasants sleep in the street, right in front of the castle of the people that stole all their wealth and left them homeless?
    No respect!

  7. Typical rich pigs. They don't care about the homeless unless they see them. They don't care if people are homeless, they just don't want to have to have their pretty scenery ruined. How disgusting these fat rich pigs are.  Who cares about the royals? They are just rich swine like the rest of their ilk.  If they used half of their cash which they spend on extravagant weddings on the homeless then maybe there would not be as many.  But that never occurs to them in their belief that they are entitled.  SICKENING!

  8. I can’t be bothered by another Royal Tranny wedding. Meghan Markle is a Tranny, just like Kate Middleton.

  9. It is cringeworthy watching the British establishment trying to whip up public interest on the wedding of a family born to lord it over them while they pay for it all . Those of the same public that are unfortunate to be on the streets are regarded not good enough to occupy those streets in which the “royal” couple would walk . The cost of the wedding itself could help a good number of those homeless in Windsor back in permanent homes .
    I am sure Harry and his bride are nice enough but this attack on the homeless really shows the divide in our society between the have nothings and the have it alls . It is high time ordinary British people stop this indoctrinated subservience to their betters and look reality in the eye .

  10. You know the people of this country are weak when you allow a paedophilic rhesus negative 'royal' family still maintain control.

    Jimmy Saville procured children for them. "Jim'll fix it" is probably an inside joke to them.

  11. Wasn't Markle a far leftist at one point, and now she's the establishment and a member of the 1%. Leftist sophistry is just a ploy by the left for power, wealth and fame.

  12. The Royals receive tens of millions in welfare money every year.. couldn't they spend a little on helping the homeless??!

  13. So who's paying for this royal wedding that will cost many hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of pounds? Ah yes, the taxpayer.

  14. Sounds like there as delusional as the idea of them actually being anything worthy of respect, the utter hypocrisy of these royal ass's is unreal and unreasonable

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