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Steve: Trump’s triumphs are driving his critics crazy

Former Bernie Sanders National Staffer Tezlyn Figaro and Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt weigh in on ‘The Next Revolution’

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  1. Honestly…. Nancy Olson.. how old are you. Better yet how much do you weigh. Baconator eating moron.

  2. Lets be honest. You don't want me as a black man to have guns. Second amendment . Is not just for you.

  3. SECOND AMENDMENT FOR ALL. FELONS… EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE to defend themselves…less government. More responsibility

  4. Black's don't shoot at paper Target's. REAL WORLD COMBAT.. We kill each other. Fuck you think we will do to you.

  5. If u were in charge. Military and teachers would be at top pay grade. Sports figures politians and Media on ALL sides would get minimum wage.

  6. YES Trump is amazing he is tremendous, BUT as I rememebr the history books declaring America started the Korean WAR morons, so if they ended what they started can be seen as signifcant. GO for it!!!!

  7. Where does Fox find these double-digit IQ types? This cow is so stupid I couldn't finish watching this clip.

  8. There is no polarisation in America today — what there is is manipulation. The leftistMedia, Hollywood, academic and the rest of the taxpayer-fed outfits, manipulatevast swathes of America to a frightening extent. But their power and money will runout before long

  9. The Nobel people would give their prize to anyone but Trump. It's not principles. It's stupid politically correct bs.

  10. I don't agree with everything she said but she clearly is much more calm and level headed than most liberals and that is a refreshing change!

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