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Steve Schmidt: President Trump W.H. As vile As ‘Monkeys Hurling Excrement’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

A breaking New York Times story about Robert Mueller’s investigation collides with the accounts chronicled in Michael Wolff’s bombshell new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” Steve Schmidt, Natasha Bertrand & Matt Miller join Lawrence O’Donnell.
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Steve Schmidt: President Trump W.H. As vile As ‘Monkeys Hurling Excrement’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. He and his whole family are out of their league – even N. and S. Korea reached an agreement about the upcoming Winter Olympics.  They don't need us so we need to butt out.  Peaceful negotiations DO work.

  2. Anyone else noticing Trump is constantly crossing his arms more and more? Clear body language sign of defensiveness and being unsure.

  3. dumb trump is delusional because he believes his own lies. Fake president and fake Republican Congress, and fake white house fake fox news. Flip flop flip flop lock them up. Liars are criminals and criminals are liars

  4. Isn't this the pro that predicted Hillary victory. He's not even as good as the weatherman. Be wrong and keep your job. He has no access to the topic and all sit around like he has knowledge more then the guy on the corner.

  5. Amazing… that the more I watch MSNBC on YouTube, the more I find myself feeling better assured about the days ahead for my Country. (Not enough to plug in my T.V.)

  6. Blah blah blah blah blah ….who are these 4 guys ? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah……see you in 2020……BLAH

  7. The Citizens of the United States of America elected Donald Trump as President of the United States of America to pump the Cesspool of corruption and incompetence that is Washington DC. As long as Donald Trump continues to pump the Cesspool, Donald Trump is doing what the Citizens of the United States of America elected him to do.

  8. So, we are suppose to be surprised that a man/boy handed his success by daddy, lacks character. A man who had to become a grifter to increase his fortune, leaving a wasteland of broken promises and butt sore workers.
    Ideas are powerful and have consequences. People who lack a moral compass, void of the milk of human compassion & love are a danger to all people of good will.

  9. Just watching Trump on a day to day basis, and see he's just not fit to hold this position. I didn't take his campaign seriously, off the notion that I never dreamed the American people could put him in the oval. He knows jack squat about policy,but even worse,has zero desire to learn. Watching his round table meeting about the dreamers, it couldn't be clearer, he has no idea what hes talking about. Look, this guy is a joke, and our country suffers every day, he remains in the oval. I really don't like our VP, but gezz, at least he could understand policy and ideas. Give Trump credit for being able to do the unthinkable, and convince the country to give him a shot, but times up, get him outta there.Trump may rue the day he ran. After impeachment, there's a real chance he could go to jail, for money laundering, and wouldn't that be ironic? Lock him up. From the White House,to the big house. Send him to North Carolina,he can be cell mates with Bernie.

  10. Trump is only one piece of the problem, the larger problem is all of the enabling GOP traitors and the millions of trump tribe cult members.

  11. You all need to take to the street and demand that chump and his associates be arrested. Along with most of the gop. They are ALL traitors.

  12. How does a evil man become the hope of people that say they worship God ? Only satan can device so good . trump has every characteristic that of Satan Judas and the brother that killed his brother Kane . yet so many that worship God say hes Gods man . bible says you will know them by the fruit of the spirit in which I have not seen any evidence in the man donald trump .

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