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South Korea responds to latest North Korea missile launch

Fighter jets and massive explosions were seen in South Korea’s military drill, which was staged after North Korea launched a missile over Japan.

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  1. South Korea and Japan are big boys. They are quite capable of looking after themselves. The United States should get out of the Korean peninsula!

  2. After WWII the CIA took over North Korea through Japan's former empire. They want to create a conflict as an excuse to depopulate portions of the population and to seize more power.

  3. North korea never allowed violating into their air <Hope remember 15 April 1969 killing 31 US sailors entering via sea of japan > MAYBE SOUTH KOREA BOMB THE NEAR BORDER AREA OF MOUNTAIN JUNGLE TO SHOW THEIR POWER ??? <> with Any weapons entering never come back alive <> hope understand even Student " <> "

  4. So funny, for years all the pussy presidents have been saying absolutely no nukes for North Korea. Now that Trump says "all options are open" to react to North Korea threats, all these pussy's are making noise about letting North Korea keep nukes. So funny, the ONLY thing Trump has done right so far is how he's dealing with North Korea, but because it's Trump the left and the "never Trump" people just take the opposite position Trump take, it's comical and predictable.

    Now if Trump reacts militarily they'll attack him for that.
    If Trump makes a deal that includes letting North Korea keep their nukes, they'll again attack him for that.

    This is why these media people are disgusting and why even people like myself who don't like Trump think he has a point about "fake news"

  5. Kim and Donny should meet for an arm wrestle. The loser can kiss the opponent's backside. Each would have a lot of territory to cover.

  6. It's about time South Korea focused their money on military weapons to defend themselves and put phones, TVs and cars as their second priority. I'm sick of us having to defend them from the crazy half of their own country. After 60 plus years they should be telling us thank you for your service and protection, but we got this now.

  7. North Korea Dilemma in a Nutshell:
    The Obama Admin knew that NK was crossing the threshold and chose not to address this reality in an open and serious manner.
    They did not see any upside to taking the political hit, and they consciously left it to the next Admin to deal with.
    It is a fact. (btw I'm a progressive)

    NK passed the threshold and is simply using the war games and other things as a pretext to do critical testing and refining.
    The US/Allies know this and are simply putting out a strong/concerned front for appearances and voters at home.
    Not that they aren't strong and concerned.
    But they know that unless they are prepared for a full-blown nuclear exchange, their hands are tied.

    Sanctions have reached their effective limits.
    If they push to increase sanctions even more, it could force NK to respond with more serious measures, which could force US/Allies to do the same, and it is hard to see how that game does not end up in a full-blown nuclear exchange.
    And even if they keep sanctions at the current level, in spite of NK claiming that they are not bothered by it, I predict that NK will use the fact that they have reached the nuclear capability to say:
    "Your sanctions were intended to try and prevent us from pursuing and becoming a nuclear power.
    We have now reached our goal.
    There are already existing nuclear powers which are problematic and not being sanctioned and ostracized.
    If you continue with existing sanctions indefinitely, or try to increase them, we will have no choice but to respond with more serious measures.
    I'm assuming that will be the next phase in all of this.
    And the US/Allies will have to be very careful in how hard they push NK going forward.

    [I hope this saves you hundreds of hours of MSM repetitive, misleading, agenda-laden, advertising-hungry, garbage on this subject]

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