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Social Issues Breaking News: Murkowski Becomes Third Republican U.S. Senator to Back Gay Marriage

Murkowski becomes third Republican U.S. senator to back gay marriage
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska publicly backed gay marriage, becoming the third Republican senator to do so as she spoke out ahead of potentially landmark rulings from the Supreme Court on the issue.

House Passes Abortion Ban After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy
House lawmakers passed a nationwide ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy — one of the most far-reaching federal bills on abortion in years. The bill, which faces long odds in the Senate and even longer odds to get the president’s signature, is unlikely to ever become law.

A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity as a Disease
The-American-Medical-Association-has-officially recognized obesity as a disease, in a move that could induce physicians to pay more attention to the condition and spur more insurers to pay for treatments.

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