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Shooting on a highway in the USA (Soldier VS Police) [ Non-Boring News ]

On August 29, 2013, a shooting occurred on a highway 160 km from Portland in the United States. A police officer asked the driver, John Van Allen, 34, to stop on the side submitting to control. But it is just the opposite will happen, this man will pull his pistol several times towards the cop. It will then take flight and vehicle will be found a few kilometers away. John was found dead at the wheel, hit by a bullet in the chest. FYI, his 3 children were sitting in the rear seats of the vehicle..

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  1. I that move marines in Darwin showed us there drill that's the exact same and its deadly 3 shots 2 to torso 1 to head but the cop quickly made it behind the door.

  2. If that was a soldier then no respect giving.
    Honestly no reason for a real soldier to shoot a police officer over a speeding ticket.
    looks like a thug got a hold of a soldier uniform not that hard with today resource, plus the so called "soldier" new exactly what he was gonna do before it happens. other wise he would not have approached the police officer so quick.

  3. thats what happend when you deal with a real criminal and the pussy ass cop cant do anything about it …they only love give tickets all over but once they get the real criminal oo0o i am a good cop bull shit …fucking pussys thats what they deserve ! god bless that black guy to shoot that pussy ass mother fucker!

  4. The cop was very professional and respectful. I just dont get why the soldier decided to have a shootout over a speeding ticket? Maybe he has something to hide in his car.

  5. Hello, you Americans. I am a youth in Korea. My brother is in the army. He's on vacation. His brother's shocking words are that his boss was in the arm with his knife. His brother is now being cured and vacationing. My friend's brother got an ankle mine in Afghanistan and lost one leg. But the United States gave me a medal. The Republic of Korea had an ankle land mine, I'm ignoring you, but I'm afraid to let you know!

  6. For all the dumb inbred fucks out there who can't comprehend why the cop was telling the person to get back in the vehicle because they are too busy listening in on their anti police propaganda to think critically or even with some form of common sense, it is because as an officer you must take specific precautions when involving safety. If it was merely a traffic stop the officer would still have to run the plates through to see if the car belonged to a known fellon or perhaps someone with a warrant, then they would need to try to ID the driver. If someone was waltzing out of their car whilst the officer was still doing some background check; the person could do harm or anything else without much of the officer's notice… on top of that, the trick is is to restrict the occupants of the vehicle by having them restrained by the seat and limited space in the compartment of the vehicle. So now you know.

  7. The officer in the clip was fine but the dude was dead. He passed out and crashed a mile away from the scene and authorities discover that he got his son at the back car seat.

  8. This guy doesn't act like a soldier..The way he just stood there after exiting the car..Lol and the way he shoots is like a thug

  9. This was not racially motivated… But it does show who is better trained between army and police… With military training we can become unstoppable

  10. But if police kill kids or normal cywil you dont speak fuck police from Poland fuckin us pepole you have nazi police eeee fuck this

  11. He's shot and dead, he was found off an exit dead with 3 of his kids in the car. He didn't even know he was hit in the chest.

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