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Shep Smith Rips Fox News & Obama Over Sherrod

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  1. @nilofc It was edited you idiot. Everybody with atleast an average IQ knows that. Oh well I guess you wouldn't know.

  2. @nilofc It was edited you idiot. Everybody with at least an average IQ knows that. Oh well I guess you wouldn't know.

  3. Cenk is so bunkers for the "Gladiator" ahahahah. And it's not just the sound clip in this video, he uses "am I not merciful?" as a recurrent sentence to describe hipocrisy eheh. Go TYT army.

  4. If the media was run like a sports franchise, do you think Fox would trade Shep to MSNBC for Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan? Maybe if MSNBC threw in some cash and 2nd round pick in the 2012 wingnut blowhard draft?

  5. @dakoneko they won't unless you were selected (and you consented) to participate in the Nielson ratings. check out the article about them on wikipedia.

  6. How about we give this man a real job! Get him his own damn station. Guy has integrity, he should go on TYT!

  7. Shep Smith MSNBC will be happy too have you over at their network i know you being mis treated with disrespect you just host the news thats it !please leave that network

  8. smith is a moron reprobate liberal degenerate. he's leaving fox for a surgery, hopefully won't come out of the anesthesia! good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. This poor guy needs to be saved. He's trapped in the bubble of Fox News and we should save him before he turns into one of em. "One of us, one of us" I couldn't have made that argument any better and because he's on Fox saying it and not CNN or MSNBC it's more powerful due to who the audience is. Us liberals owe me smith a thank you! We appreciate you SHEP!

  10. I'd also like to say I am impressed by some of the non-biased stances Chris Wallace has made and applaud him for the times he has reprimanded the hypocrisy of his colleagues.

  11. Briertbart was such a dishonest joke…he never paid that 100,000 grand when there's so many examples of racism in the tea-Liban I mean get real….fuck him

  12. watching this 7 years later. hes actually speaking out today. Dam put ur own network blast. he gots balls!

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