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Seven National News theme 1970-1983

The news theme for Seven National News in Melbourne and Adelaide and for radio station 3DB from 1970-1983. Strangely enough, it was also used by STW9 in Perth considering it would have been used by TVW7. Composition entitled “Industry Today”. Composed by Bruce Campbell and conducted by the Light Sinfonia Orchestra in 1970.

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  1. Hi SWF,

    If I were to send you a clean MP3 of the Seven National News theme for ATN, BTQ and TVW in the '70s plus an accompanying description would you be kind enough to do a mix using this exact graphic above. I'd do it myself but don't have a clean copy of the logo.

    Please contact me via with your details.

    Cheers, The Hack

  2. Brilliant. I have been waiting to hear the entire 7 National News theme since i was a teenager. I would LOVE a clean copy of this, but for now I appreciate just hearing it one more time. It was the best news theme ever. . I didn't know it had a name and thought it was likely composed by the late great Ivan Hutchinson and the studio orchestra of HSV7. There was another version from 1984 onwards for a short time but I have only been able to see snippets of that. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Great theme! Was also used as the news theme for STW-9 in Perth in the 1970's before they adopted the Cool Hand Luke music that the rest of the Nine Network used.

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