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Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts To President Donald Trump Calling Her ‘Pocahontas’ | MSNBC

During an event honoring Native American veterans at the White House, President Donald Trump repeated a jab at Senator Elizabeth Warren in which he referred to her as “Pocahontas.” Sen. Warren, D-Mass., gave MSNBC’s Ali Velshi her reaction shortly following the incident.
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Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts To President Donald Trump Calling Her ‘Pocahontas’ | MSNBC

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  1. Nice try MSNBC…. Elizabeth Warren you are a sick individual, hopefully you do run in 2020, it would guarantee a Trump win.

  2. I'd advise all of you guys to go watch the full event rather than just this one dumb line. Trump gave the marine the full copy of his speech and also pledged to help them in getting a Navajo Code talker museum built, as well as called them "as good as it could get." He didn't disrespect them in any way, but of course that's what CNN focuses on.

  3. Senator Elizabeth Warren did a RACIST act by lying about her native heritage for personal gain I am happy Trump is calling out this racist hypocrite.

  4. Get the DNA test to prove American Indigenous Natives relationship. Pocahontas was an admirable person. Being called an admirable person's name is an insult. I believe in Jesus and worship God. Don't call me Jesus or God. I am me and no one else. And for all the people named Jesus today, I will never understand why anyone would do that to a baby.

  5. Racial slurs? Shes trying to defer attention away from the fact that she lied about her heritage. Why is it always that whenever someone on the left lies they try and bring race into the mix. Sad.

  6. President Trump is not trying to shut you up because you liberals will never admit your wrongdoings, and what President Trump said is just epic and funny. Take a chill pill and just let it be and quit being cry babies.

    Lots of love from Canada lol

  7. The elite apparently didn't learn from the Clinton loss and once again they're trying the "woman" card. She's as fake as Hillary Clinton. It's just a matter of time and she'll be completely exposed for her acting and typical lies of a fake left, that doesn't even exist in that country.

  8. Good God, this sleazy imbecile cannot behave himself even for a few minutes. He's barely house broken. Tillerson was dead on when he called trumpanzee a "fkn moron". What a disgrace!

  9. He is not referring to her, he's referring to the Bush family who are Pocahontas' descendants, as well as dracula, madonna , brad pitt john kerry, marilyn monroe.. They are all related.

  10. Made my month!  I have never liked a president more.  It isn't a racial slur (just because you have no other defense to hour behavior, it is just the name of one of the most well known Indians, EWW should be proud of the comparison.  She should have been happy, but it points out that she lied about her heritage for personal gain.  I hope the Democrats keep pushing Pocahontas to the top of their crap pile.  I think she is still butt-hurt that even Hillary knew she was to BatShitCrazy to have as a running mate.

  11. Do you trust someone who claims to have Cherokee lineage? Cherokee Nation has said there is no history of her claim in their records. How much money she has made annually for the past 16 years? Where did it come from? Which way did she vote on the California Amendment that Legalized the Prostitution of Minors (you can look it up)? Why is she just now reading it? Just gotta ask those questions no matter what your party line is. Can't trust any of them…….

  12. Cannot legally call herself NA unless she has a Tribe Census number! he cheated the taxpayers by marking NA to get into college ahead of others/= saying she is NA because of stories! I have papers, descendant of a Cherokee Chief/Eastern Band.Chiefs grave has prayer-house over it but cannot be called NA because he and his son took white names on the census and we can't verify. I have never marked or lied or cheated anyone out of something by saying I am Na to get ahead. She is a disgrace to NA's and needs to pay back the money she got fraudulently and stop using NA

  13. I applied to get a college discount when I told the college board we had some Cherokee in the family.

    All was going well until they asked how closely related the Cherokee side of the family were?

    So I told them we were very proud of our Cherokee but it wasn't exactly a relative but a car and did that still make me eligible for affirmative action.

    Unlike the car, this didn't get much traction.

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