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See Eye A Undermines Korean Summit With Leaks – The Political Vigilante

Graham discusses the article in Disobedient Media about the NBC Intelligence reporter’s attempts to undermine peace.

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  1. Brokering peace with North Korea isn't going to be based on trust anyway. Actions will be the yardstick used for furthering further momentum towards reunification.

  2. Divide and conquer. The deal was made long before Kim and Donald sat down to talk. I just hope the people pulling g the strings feel peace us more profitable than armed conflict.

  3. The seeiyay/deep state/Senior Executive Services is the biggest threat to America and the world. The peace deal with NK is historic and the Kardashians being on Family Feud was trending and other mindless distractions were trending on youtube and regarding NK…..crickets!! The deep state is fighting world peace and will start a war with any country they can. The have been the handler for NK for decades. They made it possible for them to has the deadly weapons. My prediction is that Iran is the next "threat" that must be squashed. They want a war!! They make a lot of money on war, depopulate and a war will distract us from the fall of the US (Pedro) dollar which is worth 4 cents and will get worse as more countries deviate from using the dollar and will result in hyperinflation. Don't let them divide. Let's get rid of the deep state and the FED. The Rothschild's have $150 trillion that they have stolen from us. If we take back what belongs to us we will be able to feed, clothe and provide housing for all who need it. Society will be relatively conservative and progressive because there won't be such a economic divide. Almost all of us want the same things in life and we can't do it as long as the same powers that be still have control over us and our currency. We all have more in common than the mainstream media, the corrupt corporations and politicians has led us to believe. I consider myself a conservative but I have been watching this channel for a few weeks and I see more commonalities than division in the basic goals. Let's realize who our true enemy is within our own country and stop looking at each other. There is more power in unity. It may get worse before it bets better but together, we can do it!

  4. The CIA doesn't"trust" any leader of any Country….that quotation is meaningless propaganda. Praying the little Number 1 pencil losers fail in ruining our Country. In Jesus'Name Amen 🙏

  5. Jaded Optimist speaks some truth! Switzerland is the home to the 4-Comma Club. It was not a glitch in the Spy Novel algorithm that every one starts in a Swiss bank. I looked in my new DuckDuckGo dictionary and under "Politician" I found "see Arms Merchant, Money Laundering."

    The War Machine is alive and well here. And your talk about the propaganda really hit home yesterday. I make a sport out of reading the Swiss newspapers and listening to the radio and TV. They did a expose about the political parties getting the young people into politics and so they bring them to Bernville. And they found 20% of the children listed Climate Change as a worry. Only 20%???!!! Either that is a made up lie, (Fake News) or the propaganda is that good that the Swiss are in a Petrodollar Bubble. Maybe both are true? These Bloodsuckers are willing to sacrifice their own children to make a buck.
    And then there was a small article about Syria, and they described Russian planes doing Double Taps! And the World Cup Soccer games are starting and the Sheeple are going into Rooskeystan itching for revenge! Divide and Conquer! My dream would be that every game start with everyone singing "Give Peace A Chance". But the Soccer fans are mostly Mouth-Breathing Knuckle Draggers. I guess I will just go along with the rest and root for USA! Oh, Shit, they didn't make it. Sorry about that.

  6. Update your budget data, Graham! Lee Camp has been reporting that the Pentagon/Deep State is forgetting to report about $6 Trillion each year. So America probably is outspending Russia by a hundred fold. And I don't think that it is wrong to say that maybe Western Counries, corporations and Arms Merchants, sorry I meant to say Politicians are probably are passing the hat and funding a bit more to carry on their nefarious Chess Game.

  7. The Amerikkkan police-state will never allow a peaceful revolution. They will try to destroy political movements by any means necessary. History has proven this. Progressives need militias for community defense and community service like the Black Panthers. The working class majority should build our power to overthrow imperialism. EAT THE RICH

  8. Putin is actually cutting their defense budget to 46 billion..they look at spending billions on the military as a waste instead spending it on helping the people of Russia

  9. also China is spending more for the benefit of its people by investing in social programs instead of the military

  10. I don't trust this NK peace deal though. Trump is just doing what he has to do to get his foot in the door and destroy the deal from within. I do want peace on earth but trump has proven he's a liar and will do what the deep state wants.

  11. What's funny about US military spending is that we spend 10 times as much as Russia and we still feel inadequate. We're like that douchebag with a tiny dick that drives a jacked up monster truck.

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