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Security Video Captures Deadly Puerto Rican National Guard Crash

The crew of five and a number of passengers were killed when the plane, about to be retired, crashed in Georgia. Mark Strassman reports.

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  1. The video will definitely help in the investigation. The last time I saw a similar crash it was caused be a load shift. RIP fellow aviators.

  2. Puerto Rico has a big debt, a f*#ked up infrustructure due to the hurricane, the government sens its most fucked up planes for help. How awful.

  3. Rudder malfunction at that angle of attack would induce a similar roll , the roll rate was a little quick to be caused from engine failure or load shift.

  4. Looks like it could be a stuck aileron, or possibly a non-symmetrical flaps/slats configuration? I wouldn't suspect a weight distribution issue, as that would normally be seen in pitch. This plane seems to be rolling left through the whole video. God bless the crew and families.

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