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sasikala plan to remove this government|tamilnadu political news|live news tamil

sasikala plan to remove this government|tamilnadu political news|live news tamil

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  1. வீட்டு வேலைக்கு சென்று, ஒரு மாபெரும் அரசியல் தலைவரான மாண்புமிகு அம்மா அவர்களை, ஏதோ ஒரு அசட்டு தைரியத்தில் கொன்று விட்டு, கபட நாடகம் ஆடிய சசிகலா மற்றும் கும்பலின் கனவு நினைவு ஒரு காலத்திலும் ஈடேறாது.

  2. AIDMK if continuous to hold loksabha ,then why should we are going to help from Andhra, last year by request we released water to TN , because of your people starving of water, this is what the help your people doing, just 10 min be silent before starting loksabha, then why don't you raise your problem, after no confidence motion, with in that you can speak your problems, if don't co operative to our problems then why we need to share your problems, if you people not going to co operative then we people of Andhra ,not even allow single drop of water in future, every bady having problems but with your problem could not hurt the others ,. If you think when rape is inevitable enjoy it, similar things we going to apply in future, aftral 10 min be seated in your seats that's enough to discuss about NCM not only, our problems as well as you're s also, with this we AP people think that , you're liking the arm pits of BJP ,as well as their groins , we don't appreciate being a dravda south Indian , better go to merena beach open your ass for access to fuck by entire south Indian s

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