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Russia: US deliberately provoking North Korea

The Russian foreign minister has accused the US of deliberately provoking North Korea into expanding its nuclear program.

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    The only country EVER to use nuclear weapons
    Giving orders to another country to stop its nuclear programme
    But never tells Israhell to scrap its nuclear weapons
    And says its OK for the US to have a nuclear deterrent
    anyone smell HYPOCRISY here ?

  2. If sanctions don't work it will limit the options for how to deal with the DPRK.  Wheeling out Marcus Papadopoulos, a known propagandist does nothing to support your case.

  3. We've seen for the last sixteen years what the Neanderthals in Washington are up to.
    Make the Yankee bastards pay for it in their own blood…

  4. Russia just want North Koreans to use as cheap labor. Russia isjust extorting North Koreans. Russias just as in-genuine as America. So fuck you Russia, fuck you Iran, and North Koreans need rescuing from Kim and Putin. Hey North Korean heres a cell phone. North Koreans being pimped out to China as well. Go to either country and see whos cutting down the trees.

  5. We provoke??? You got to be kidding,,!!! Your living in some kind of bazzaro world . We're not the one shooting missles over Japan, we respond to threats made by a madman who is starving his own people.

  6. Finally some truth from Russia on North Korea. In the past, the Russians were critical of North Korea, thus playing into the zionists claws. The threat by Kim to Japan was to buy time, until Kim had ICBMs to defend North Korea from regime change. Trump threatened to totally destroy North Korea for merely developing the means to defend North Koreans from a US started war that would involve the murder of several million North Koreans by the US. Russia should befriend Kim, like it has Assad.

  7. Well, he's right. Push the little prick to the point where he fucks up. The hope is that he will and then we will pull the trigger with justification. But most of this video is nonsense. Why would the US want to be the predominant power on the peninsula. If we'd really wanted to control the peninsula, we'd have done it in the 50's. We don't care. But the dominant force on that peninsula is the ROK. China is leaning over, but the people who matter are the ROK's. The DPRK's little "Baby Doc" is just the little dickless dictator trying to actually matter. In the coming months, it will become clear that … he doesn't. If he doesn't get his shit together, something neither PRC nor Russia wants. Nuclear Japan. Nuclear ROK. And there isn't a single thing anyone can say to object to it. They are just being prudent. The Russians and Chinese may not have thought this through.

  8. The British guy is particularly uneducated on the issue, it's really funny. The clear an present danger posed by the Americans? The only nation that has EVER attacked anyone on that peninsula is the DPRK … in violation of their own treaty obligations. If the Americans were a threat … you'd think they would have attacked at some point during the last 65 years. But we didn't. Heck, the US has been drawing its troop strength down in Korea for years. And yep, every year the US and ROK's perform exercises along the likely invasion routes that North will take in any invasion of the south (which they continuously threaten). They are conducted to familiarize American troops with their ROK counterparts, establish and maintain good communication protocols between the ROK's and US, familiarize themselves with the terrain and practice operations. This has been going on for decades, every year. The drills are small compared to the one's the north runs just north of the border. It is always amusing to see police state propaganda at work. It's so amateurish.

    Alas, the vide forgot to mention that … it is the North digging all the massive tunnels south into the ROK, the North constantly threatening invasions, the North infiltrating its soldiers across the border, that is what the DPRK is doing. Not the US. Perhaps a bit of projection on Un's part. I suspect that at the crux of it is money. Pie Face realizes that his military is far too large to maintain. His people are starving. Starving people are restive people. Restive people destabilize regimes. He also realizes that a reduction of the military represents a likelihood of regime collapse. He won't survive that. He thinks, I suspect, that on the long term, a nuclear card will keep him relevant … and alive, while enabling him to downsize his military to basically a giant police force ala the Gestapo. Cheaper, less equipment, still enabling of complete repression, and yet still giving him an option. But he's not afraid of US attack, never has been. No one is interested in that starving shit hole of a country that he has. It's not polite to say so, but, DPRK isn't worth fighting for by anyone. Heck, if the Chinese wanted it, it was there for the taking years ago.

  9. Russia and China are secretly aiding North Korea nuclear program, no way that jackass could progress so quickly without their aid, definitely three against one.

  10. Best ever Diplomat ever alive , but no one wants to listen , specialy the opposite gendarme sims to be so gear to become better even if they have to bend the truth…! Sory am not …! You know wat…

  11. Understand been broke , mean country is broke , black market broke ,trump broke , everyone wants war but know militarism are mutch mor clever than making war just to make war , they try save lives.!

  12. Let me get this straight Russia is accusing us of provoking North Korea? Excuse me Russia aren't you the one that just invaded Crimea and annexed it into Russia? And I guess that's not considered antagonizing another country at all is it? You hypocritical piece of fucking shit dear Lord forgive Russia because they are fucking hypocrites stupid motherfuckers no wonder the Russian Federation broke up your politicians are fucking dumb asses

  13. We love our president Trump, we have let N KOREA go for year gave them money and they are the ones that went back on their word so WE are not worried about russia.


  15. Of course the jewnited states of terror is trying to get North Korea to strike. The chickenhawk trump is only taking orders from israhell.

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  17. 3.51 That fella from London is a wanker. He would have supported the murder of Irish Catholics in Ireland from 1100's to 1990's. Why cause he is English and hates Irish and whatever the crown says he will support like a good dog that he is.

  18. I would agree with this guy on china and Russia not wanting America in both North Korea and South Korea right on their front Door step . But North Korea has had over 20 years to live a peaceful style of live and grow as a Nation . North Korea has done as much threatening as anyone . But that's the way powerful nations do , find a small country where they can test the other powerful nations will .

  19. Can't blame N.Korea for wanting nukes, look at what our government does to other countries…….U.S. is looking at their natural resources……….

  20. America's a vulgar migrant offspring moron country run buy Jews German Irish Italian Japanese migrant offspring they are cowards and only try to attack weak country's

  21. United States not only provoke N. Korea they even provoke SCS both place are thousands of miles away from their homeland what if China provoke Guam and Hawaii what will America say??

  22. Idea: The USA needs to stop trade with China until they assume responsibility for their charges. China is getting out of hand, at least as much as North Korea. This channel is click bait. Russia and China are more at risk from North Korea than anyone else. The DPRK WANTS to be a bully, and will do what it has to do to achieve that end. Kim is like a teenager that was arrested, and now sits on a street corner armed and waiting for the police to come by so he can "defend" himself. He does not care one bit about his own people, much less any other's countries people. The sooner China and Russia realize this, the better off everyone will be.

  23. OK people. You know this anti-America YouTube video originates from tyranny and corruption. Don't you? This same mindset gave us communism, totalitarianism, and North Korea. The payment to end North Korea nuclear ICBM program was paid three times, in full, over the last 25 years. NK took the payment but never stopped nuclear proliferation. The payment was to avoid war. Russia, China, America does not want nuclear weapons in the Korean peninsula. It is too dangerous for the whole world. The US Constitution can not coexist with a nuclear Iran nor NK. The US has been warning about this, paid to stop it, for over the last 25 years and the tipping point has always been nuclear proliferation. It is not the US who is nucleating Korea.

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