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Russia Threatens U S with a Nuclear Strike – U S says Will Respond


U S ousts Ukraine President – puts in place Head of Central Bank. ww3 ! Russia Media Czar Threatens The U S with a Nuclear Strike. U S Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Martin Dempsey says, that we will respond with Military force. Meanwhile, Ukraine Former Prime Minister says she will level Russia. All this, and yet, the U S News is acting as if nothing is going on. The U S ambassador and the Top U S diplomat, Caught on Tape spilling the beans and discussing how they planned the Overthrow of the Ukraine Government. Not only does this Set the facts of the present trouble in Ukraine straight. It does it very clearly and puts the crisis in perspective. It is a Catastrophe of Biblical proportions, and will threaten the whole world and the current peace among nations. This will lead to WW3. There will be no way to step back from Thermonuclear WAR.

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  1. What a load of complete BullSh%t. America is the worlds number 1 aggressive warmongering nation. They have been threatening Russia for decades. My biggest concern is that the psychos in Washington will start WW3. They have a track record of war and have already used nukes. America is building there defense shield right on Russia's border.

  2. 08:36 — Read the translations. This is why Russian bombers are active. There is a plan to destroy citizens to make war with Russia. But war will come to NYC instead.

  3. Nuland. Did the right thing!!! IT was diplomatic decision! Blame Obama causing usnstable World situation. Not those who work under try to maintain damage control.

  4. Actually I am not saying she even made the decision. Far from it. She was just discussing what would be the best avenue under these circumstances. I don't envy the world players. Damned if they do ! Damned if they don't! But both of these two diplomats  have no choice like the rest of us they trying watch ass and find the best recourse. They answer to higher authority that takes advantage of their vulnerability and their passion for their jobs and their patriotism for the country. Can anyone say Ben Gazi? I actually don't even think that telephone conversation was in the least bit conspiratorial or maniacal. Just discussing public policy reitierated by their bosses. OBAMA / Kerry you guys Suck!!!

  5. That dude in charge of Russia Today is pulling a fast one because most of the newscasts are now in doublespeak

  6. Fuck The United States Of Corrupt America a bunch of Pussies who fight Wars cheating i can't wait 2 see other Countries get 2gether and make Racist USA pay always thinking they can intimidate the United States Government are the Real Criminals that's why all the Countries are Laughing at us fucking Crackers

  7. Communist Russian propaganda. Putin the Stalinist needs GTFO of Ukraine. The horrors of Holodomore( 16 million starved to death Ukrainians) bought upon Ukraine by the Russian communists is enough. Putin trying to build the USSR in the guise of the Eurasian Union.

  8. Let's see…. Russian invades the Ukraine, threatens the Crimea, and we wish to put up an AMD system with no offensive capability…. and WE are the agressors… very interesting. Some of you out there are out of your minds. Neither side wants a military conflict with the other. Putin knows this. Russia and the USA have other, way more pressing issues in common.

  9. There is a republic located inside Russian Federation named TATARSTAN with capital city Kazan which in 1992 voted on independence referendum where over 61% of population of Tatarstan voted for independence from Russia!!! Russia did not let us go! Why Putin does not accept it but accepts Crimean referendum held under gunpoint of Russian soldiers???? Why US and media are not asking Putin about Tatarstan's referendum on independence from Russia? Tatars are the second largest ethnic group in Russian Federation and I am sure we will be free from Russian occupation same as many former Soviet Union republics and Eastern Europe did and we will restore our statehood!!!

  10. Ukraine is threatening Russia? LOL!
    The Russian armed forces could wipe out the whole of Ukraine in a matter of hours and take the whole of Europe in ten days.


  12. It's the Jewish run the war Jewish send your baby's your children to be murdered and they love it , they make you slaves they own the evil media Hollywood newspapers news networks porn industry satanic music industry federal Jewish reverse satanic evil corrupt and they own your government in America European and the Jewish hate you they hate you ….Look it up .

  13. didn't the USA over throw UKRAINE'S government lol.. You Yanks are so blind.. AMERICA is going to get slammed so BAD in the next few years and OBAMA'S been trying hard for this to happen?? how do ya not see it??

  14. The one threatening with War is Germany through NATO and provoking Russia to defend themselves from the U.S.A. Russia is holding the war back! When is the American media speak the truth/

  15. The news are reversed. It is NATO who is provoking the war. Stop the lying and inform people of the truth or we will all end up dead. Incinerated in the most terrible war ever fought on this planet, in which there will be no winners for 99 out of a 100 people will die. I indeed would not like to survive this horror.

  16. Viva o Brasil Viva a Grande Rússia, mundo melhor sem a tirania dos EUA ia Maçonaria. Nova ordem mundial cairá igual a Babilônia caiu

  17. What a rotten woman that is to call for a complete and utter anneilation of a race of people! She need's to wear a burka and be thrown into a Turkish Prison!!! That will straighten her out!

  18. More Bullshit news… It was the US government that threatened Russia with bodybags. Now, the Zionist are even more upset over the liberation of Allerpo.

  19. Never has the continental USA been in more danger of an all-out pre-emptive strike from Russia and China. In view of the only apparent alternative currently – it's the death of the USA or the death of us all. I know which I prefer.

  20. Putin will never nuke American soil! And he won't let anyone else do it either! This is his baby to occupy latter without NUCLEAR fallout as a boots on the ground Russian occupation.

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