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Rocket test fire successful National news The Phnom Penh Post Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record

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  1. Ou Virak,
    Yes, everything could have a political implication. It just depends on you read it based on where you come from. But, do you expect a nation to defend itself with stick and stones? In an ideal world, everyone is friendly but the world isn't a friendly place always. You got to stop reading into things politically all the time and wake up to the reality of your world. Do you expect the government to stand weak in the face of Thai's provocation in the Northeastern border? Explain yourself

  2. Yea, didn't the US get their ass kicked by the Vietnamese using Soviet made weapons as well? What you say to that? Thailand is a paper tiger. Got many toys but only boys play with toys. If Thailand is so badass, your military would do something about the border situation already instead of always sneaking around a slipper snake and ask for meeting after their soldiers get killed when they go into places they were told not to go. Thai territorial thievery is over in this century.

  3. Those weapons are obsolete ….Now in Europe or western have new fighting jet no need man to sit on or flying in it. They just using computer remote control from far away Land. Then we all should know scientist & chemist they can do all kind of deadly weapon or silence killer Dis .So plz save money & taking care ur country &if u have so much $ then buy best one. The world will be end by amazing technology not by little Asian like U & Sim heee) now better sty hm and eat Brohosk tov!

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