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DENVER — Video footage captured a road rage confrontation that led to a fist fight outside a Walmart in Colorado on June 17.

Devin Jones was reportedly riding his motorcycle through a neighborhood in Denver, when he noticed a white sedan speed by him.

Jones decided to pursue the sedan, which sped through the streets, zipping around other vehicles and on wrong side of the road.

Jones captured the entire incident on his helmet camera, writing that he wanted to follow the guy just to see his face. But, when the sedan’s driver outmaneuvered and out-crazied Jones, the motorcyclist abandoned his chase … or so he thought.

After giving up, Jones decided to test out some tires in a dirt lot, and noticed the same speed devil pass by. He followed the vehicle into a Walmart parking lot.

Jones confronted the driver, who had a female passenger in the vehicle, asking him why he was in such a hurry, to which the driver explained, “Yo momma f***ed me good.”

After the two spent a few minutes exchanging insults, the driver began touching Jones’ motorcycle. When Jones asked him not to, the driver makes a point to touch the bike again. That’s when Jones made his own point by shoving the driver away. The two spar for a few minutes, with Jones getting in a few good punches and shoves before Walmart officials and passersby interrupt.

“I should have left it alone but instead I confronted him and let anger make me look like a complete asshole,” Jones wrote about the incident. “I thought it was common knowledge not to hit a motorcycle in front of its lover… owner.”

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  1. Classic footage…..I always get a good laugh watching these two..awesome video
    Yal two argue like best friends…..

  2. Hey Dude Why You calling hem jentle men? Call Hem Girly As Hair Wo bearly dosent wash hes clothes dosent even cut dirty ass hair soo Messy With Pizza Crust Cheese

  3. See I guess the dude on the bike was trying to keep his cool in the beginning because he obviously has the ability to beat this guy's ass and if I wasn't that situation I would have decked the idiot in the face

  4. typical biker with a go pro, driving around looking for confrontation, wow a car drive past me, I have to chase him down, drive thru a pedestrian crossing with people on it, harass the driver as he parks and tries to cause a fight so he can put it in YouTube. I wish he had knocked you out you dumbass because that's what you deserved. dickhead

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