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Report: Images show North Korea expanding missile facility

Analysts say the plant makes missiles that could hit U.S. military bases in Asia with nuclear weapons and makes parts for missiles that could reach the U.S. mainland; Greg Palkot reports.

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  1. How’s this even surprising?? Republicans please look back at our values! We may have been in a disagreement before but this guy (trump) is challenging not only democratic but also republican values! Don’t let yourselves be fooled by this demagogue!

  2. My question is if they are ramping up and expanding that site why is there so much grass and colorful buildings???

  3. I do give Fox respect for leaving this ass clown on their network because I don't think CNN would do the same. But they both need to get their acts together…….we on the same team.

  4. Fox News stop with that fake bullshit Kim Jong un knows if he violates the missile treaty we will attack them. And the photos of Kim Jong un next to a atom bomb is old. Mabye he is making those facilities into a hotel and resort

  5. These guys never quit! FAKE NEWS! THIS IS THE SAME TACTIC THEY USED TO INVADE IRAQ! Everyone remember how they gave Colin Powell fake intelligence to present to the U.N. that Saddam had moving missile launchers turned out they were milk trucks? How the Bush administration kept saying we have to go get him now now now! How the U.N. kept saying let the inspectors do their jobs, how the Iraq defense minister repeated " Please if you say we have these things, show us where they are!" The war is going on, and it's in D.C. for control of our government and the direction of the United States Peace or having our sons and daughters in constant conflict! Wake up people, don't fall for the same B.S.! Peace

  6. The same buildings are in the first picture! Then turned a few degrees and made blue! Your Photoshop guy needs to be fired, lol

  7. Of course NK expanding missils development. They are communist which means lie cheat steal, just like their Democrat Globalists comrads.

  8. But Donald said Kim Jong Un promised to stop??? But Donald promised Mexico would pay for the wall but they won’t .. But Donald promised he’d be tough on illegals by then he built summer camps for illegals… but Donald said Russia wasn’t a threat and now Russia has committed to acts of chemical terrorism… but … but Donald said he’d lower taxes but his tariffs are the largest tax hike in human history… but… but

  9. Can't handle the truth, throw out a conspiracy theory or two. LMFAO
    Trump supporters are full on delusional!!😂😂😂

  10. N. Korean citizens are starving, no choice but to eat lawn clippings… But clearly they need a missile production facility

  11. So all those huge trees at the bottom left grew or were planted with in 3 months? Entire giant fields of sand and rock sprouted grass or had grass laid down in that time? It would be impressive for any nation

  12. Well if Kim was serious, he will need to let in inspectors. Disappointing to see that he is moving towards conflict.

  13. My favorite part of the summit was when cadet bone spurs the most militaristic president we had had that never served saluted the North Korean general the republican outrage reminded me of that time Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah (except this time there wasn't any fucking hypocrites)

  14. oh yeah…Kim baby is pulling Donald’s legs. North Korea will kick America’s ass before you can say “stupid trump”!

  15. Yes America, everything that contradicts Trump is fake news! In fact, everything except the Bible is fake news! And Trump is actually Jesus!!

  16. I never truly believed that there was a place called hell in the after-life. But, after having observed the likes of trump, sessions, nielson and pruitt and their associated mindset and actions, I am no longer so sure.

    Especially when a guy like pruitt says God ordained or blesses the presidency of trump, or associate the God of Abraham, Isak and Jacob with trump and anything he does.

    If there is a hell, these fucks and those that support their evil and blasphemy against the Most High, will certainly be headed there.

    If there is a heaven, I may not go there, but I am absolutely certain I won,t be following these fucks to wherever their fucking souls will go.

  17. Are they trying to prep us so they can go to war again? I should say a different War? It seems like they're really on North Korea a lot and it's not like he's doing anything any more than normal. But apparently North Korea is very rich in minerals that we need for the future.

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