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Lots of topics covered including Joy Reid, the Ontario election, white privilege, progressives running for congress, and much more!

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  1. Doug Ford…Noooooooo!!!! (I agree with you on not covering Trump. He gets more than enough coverage in the news. Cover only progressive topics, please.)

  2. Green's have a great plan for Hydro, mothball Pickering and buy cheaper hydro electricity from Quebec and Manitoba. Best plan I've heard.

  3. Cenk at TYT has recanted on an unpleasant sexist position he took in a story/blog he wrote when he was a self confessed republican when young. He was also an Armenian genocide denier and has apologised and changed his position on that. That should not be held against him as he has informed his opinions and seen the light. The right still hit him over the head with these tropes and he needs our support. Joy Reid should be allowed a few early screw ups and youthful indiscretions too. Give the poor woman a break.

  4. i'd think americans would like to more about canadian politics. they don't have a lot of exposure and it's nice to see where the issues lean in their own continent

  5. Look every one has a past and look at cenk and things he has wrote in the past. I don't look down or judge cenk because I look at what he says and does now. Criticize her for what she says and does right now. I agree with you 100% David. Now if she did this a year or two ago then that is fair game but 10 years people grow a lot and change. I don't agree with Joy but I don't think someone should be attacked for something 10 years ago.

  6. Most Canadians follow American politics pretty closely anyways. Not only are they great entertainment compared to our own most of the time. It is the whole, "Sleeping with an elephant" thing.

  7. Interestingly enough, the Norwegian Green party, which has only had a single seat in our parliament for about 6 years, is actually centrist. That's mostly because we have other parties that focus on environmental issues (the Liberal Party [believe it or not] and the Socialist Left Party). But we have 9 viable parties overall, so naturally we have more diversity on both ends of the spectrum.

  8. For anyone that's getting on Joyanne Reid for conspiracies 10 years ago, I really hope your not a Jimmy Dore fan. The man literally covered Sean Hannity and his stories against Hilary Clinton. Not 10 years ago, last year. The man still argues that it's better that Trump was elected because it's going to bring about some sort of revolution faster. I'm not a fan of Reid either but I know the anti Reid rhetoric goes a long with Dore followers so please be aware of your hypocrisy if you're one of them.

  9. I also would like to hear you cover the Netflix story and your thoughts on it. I have to agree with you on Trudeau's broken promise on electoral reform. That's also my biggest disappointment but it's not entirely his fault. Mulcair and the NDP played a major role in why that failed. They all but allied with the Cons railing against the Liberals trying to sweep that through. Mulcair hated Trudeau on a personal level and was willing to do anything to sabotage him. I would really look more carefully into the real reason it failed. Prior to the Liberals winning a majority Trudeau was considering joining with the NDP but he would work with anyone except Mulcair and I don't think Tom ever got over that.

    Sorry one last thing to remember is that as questionable as Trudeau might be we cannot afford to risk Scheer getting in.

  10. Wow, my respect for Joy Reid just went up. Gods, what happened to her…?

    Also, Paul Wellstone wanted to start a Senate investigation into 9/11. Was he not intelligent?

    I don't care what people think of "conspiracies." I care about the facts, and the pertinent issues have not been debunked. Simply positing an alternate, and often even more ridiculous, explanation for something isn't "debunking" these things when the so-called conspiracy theory fits the facts better. That's not how science works.

    Anyway, Loose Change isn't bad, but September 11th: The New Pearl Harbor by Massimo Mazzucco is much more in-depth and concrete in its assertions and supporting evidence.

  11. When it comes to 9/11, it amazes me that people who are well aware the govt lies to us about everything all of a sudden think they are telling the truth when it comes to what happened on 9/11. Even the people who helped write the 9/11 commission agree that there needs to be a real investigation. There are so many unanswered questions it would take me weeks to write them all out so do your own research and question everything!!

  12. I used to believe some of the 9/11 conspiracy theories myself, a long time ago. I quickly learned better, and have spent the years since debunking the very same CTs.

    That said, attacking Bush with 9/11 conspiracy theories is like attacking Trump with Russiagate. Both men have done terrible things for which there is plenty of evidence, and there is no shortage of legitimate policy criticisms one could make against them. Conspiracy theories dilute and distract from the crimes they've actually committed, and give their supporters ammunition to use against their critics.

    9/11 Truthers ignore the elephant in the room, which is that the US has been arming and funding extremist groups like the mujaheddin for decades, and is allied with Saudi Arabia to this day. We have a violent foreign policy of regime change and occupation in the Middle East, and will go to war over the petrodollar.

    Russiagaters likewise ignore the big picture, which is that Trump is a crooked businessman who has likely laundered money for Russian oligarchs, drug cartels, and the mafia. He has numerous businesses in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE among others, not just Russia.

  13. It's so bad in some cases that if a white person or anyone for that matter but in many cases a white person calls a swat raid on his neighbour knowing fully he may have just had him murdered by police, which was the intent. I don't have links but remember reading those stories.

  14. Huh??? 9/11 conspiracies have been debunked? Since when? There is overwhelming evidence that the official story is bull. I don’t get it…people who think 9/11 was an inside job are in the majority. Loose Change offered many plausible explanations…clearly not all true, but more plausible than the 9/11 Commission Report. If joy reid is a 9/11 “truther”, my respect for her has gone up…and that is saying a lot. She is my enemy, and an enemy of ALL progressives.

  15. Alex Jones is an insane ass, but if you believe the establishment claims on what happened on 9/11 you do not believe in the laws of physics

  16. An ad that begins with "I've never slept with a porn star" reminds me of the ad that began with "I'm not a witch".

  17. Unfortunately, some people I hold dear on the left, like Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp and Abby Martin all people I look up to have recently promoted Peter Joseph, the crackpot who pushed the same 9/11 conspiracy in his 'movie' Zeitgeist. So disappointing!

  18. With respect to Trump starting a war over politics or his scandals…Please don't let him screen "Wag The Dog."

  19. "I can't debate morality." Ok cool.

    "You see, I have things called facts" So then why don't you want to debate people?

    You are pretty funny dude.

  20. "I can't debate morality" – Ugh, and I just resubscribed recently. Its fine, you just reminded me is all.

  21. Hi. Just want to say how much I appreciate the Canadian content! I don't know any other smart lefties covering Canada. (Are there Any?)

  22. The good thing about a Doug Ford premiership is that he would be so horrible that that may ruin his chances of ever becomming Prime Minister. So take one for the team? 😛

    EDIT: Also, bring the lady in front of the camera and add her to the team. Two can do more than one. If you and her team up to cover more stuff and add different types of videos, your channel will get better and more popular.

  23. The sunset clause is designed to screw over the weaker side of the trade deal. Since the trade deal makes the economy revolve arround it and ties many companies to it, the weaker side is the more dependant one on the deal's continuation. The sunset clause means that the deal has an expiration date, and when it comes, the weaker side's the more interested one in continuing it, thus giving the stronger side leverage to get increasingly better conditions. As the deal gets renewed over and over again, it gets progressively worse for the weaker side [Insert The Empire Strikes Back's Lando quote]. This means that their economy becomes gradually more dependant on the deal, while they become more powerless to counter its detrimental effects. From there you can tie the trade deal to other policies, and if the deal's impact is big enough, you can effectively dictate the country's policy while maintaining the appearance of respecting their independence and sovereignty. Mexico's a good example, but the best one IMHO is Peru. The peruvian economy's tied to many FTAs with multiple countries, while the country has extremely high levels of poverty, and the government doesn't provide good public services. No matter who governs Peru, their policies are always neoliberal. Each peruvian president since the infamous Fujimori starts with moderate approval and ends with abismally low ratings because they can't fulfill their promises no matter how hard they try. THe last one to finish was Ollanta Humala, a left wing politician and native american who pushed many left wing policies… that he ultimately abandoned because he couldn't gather enough support, because the peruvian economy's so denationalized (in the sense that foreign capital takes a massive proportion of the total economy) that any move to strenghten the government's shut down by foreign interests.

  24. David, you get the award for hottest YouTube progressive/leftist, and of the recent progressive news channels I’ve followed, my new favorite. Don’t know why I’m sharing, and hopefully this isn’t taken as sexual harassment, but damn, I wish you were more than an ally… 😂✌🏼🙏🏼✊🏼

  25. Hit the nail on the head with the Joy AR issue. The only thing I hold her guilty of is lying about the hacking, and having shitty neoliberal views. We’ve got to allow people the right to being wrong, and to grow. We’ve all been wrong about something, and we’ve all been bigoted and/or prejudiced in some way, at some point.

    Mary, I get where you’re coming from, but really, we’ve all been grossly wrong about something or other, and we’ve all fucked up. Should we not be forgiving as leftists, and encourage positive change and growth?

    Also, specifically on the 9/11 Truth thing, I think it’s fair to have been duped by some of the propaganda that was out there, bc there were a ton of holes in the initial official government story, and there were many reasons to be skeptical. Let’s not forget the FBI agent who warned the government that there was strong potential for an upcoming terrorist attacking, and that nothing was really done to address the report she gave. I remember that, and building 7, making me really weary about what actually happened, so I can understand why some folks may have thought it was all a false flag/inside job…

    Anyway, good discussion. We should focus on the shit Joy is getting wrong now, not quibbling over these things from the past that she doesn’t believe anymore.. ✌🏼

  26. You should do live election coverage…I'm following this election closely even though I can't vote because I live in Nova Scotia…pretty exciting!

  27. I can't believe my ears and eyes – are there still people who don't realize that 9/11 was an insde job? You don't have to search for evidence as it's all there in the officiall coverage. It won't be the first or last time the USA makes use of patsies. I can't be 100% sure of this but those terrorists who gathered at the US embassy in Saudi Arabia and were allowed to travel to the USA without any controls or vetting. Then there are many other things, the way the buildings came down, especially building 7 which collapsed in 7 and a half seconds. Mathematics is not an opinion, all the debris removed entirely out of existence over night. The people in charge of the 9/11commision made sure that people with critical thoughts were kept well out of the way or expunged from the text.The planes flying about for one or two hours in unchecked in New York air space (see the Cortbett report). The Mossad agents ready to film the event and rejoicing over it. I did actually see Netanyau saying it was unfortunate for the people who died but good for Israel. . James Corbett went through the subject very thoroughly without a trace of Alex Jonesian delirium.Debbie Lusignan thinks that people who don't see the obvious must have been dropped on their heads. She is a very thorough and precise investigator. _ I am the last person who wants to believe the truth about 9/11 but I looked for denials and debunkings and the few I found were pathetic.

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