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Rap News USA #3 “Say No to NATO” Chicago Protest May 20 w/

Rap News USA #3 “Say No to NATO” Chicago Protest May 20 w/

Written, performed and co-produced by for
Filmed, edited and co-produced by Jason Page for MultiKulti (
License: Permission is open for anyone to remix and re-broacast this material provided proper credit is given. For press and other inquires contact David Seal at Justus League Records. David at

Props to:
Chris Geovanis of Chicago Indymedia for the source document, “NATO in Chicago A resource for civilian journalists streamers and activists” ( and Youtuber 123InDaPlaceToBe for the beat.

More on why and how to Protest NATO:
Twitter Follow: #NONATO

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Assemble 12 noon: Petrillo Bandshell in Grant Park (Corner of Jackson and Columbus)
Info: 773-463-0311

Rap News USA acknowledges inspiration from The Juice Media for the original “Rap News”, Jasiri X for “This Week With Jasiri X” and Chuck D for the concept of HipHop as the Black CNN.

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Final call to all who already did not know/
May 20th the NATO Summit is in Chicago/
where 28 member states will send their snakes to commend their/
Friends who send air strikes to defend their stakes/
In dictatorships strategically placed/
To make cash windfalls for multinational corps and banks/
While they depose the formerly chosen who oppose them/
Proposing golden humanitarian goals provoked them/
North Atlantic Treaty Organization/
Formed to craft strategic foreign invasion/
More to strangle people’s mobilization/
For self-determination non-aligned orientation/
Colonialism is the domination of nations/
Involving violent exploitation and expropriation/
Neoliberalism is its economic iteration/
of today and NATO’s missions are the muscle within that equation/

So everybody y’all know bring ’em to Chicago/
Let ’em know Rhambo fucked up inviting NATO/
Let these politicians know: we know that they know/
Their policies are fatal, we say no to NATO/

In the economist they conjure this ostensive threat/
And claim NATO is needed to defend the West/
But this military alliance is not a line of defense/
It’s a gun at the heads of those against capital interests/
yet in the lexicon of the lecherous hegemon its opposite/
they use talk of Democracy to topple it, on top of it/
Invoking international community habitually/
but international capital is the actual constituency/
a ritual of the rich is to rid you of common sense/
so your quicker to cop a hit of what they’re straight up selling/
but if brutal dictatorships were really on their hit list/
why sustain the rain of terror in Bahrain and Yemen/
NATO accounts for a trillion dollars of spending/
Money that could feed the hungry instead feeds iniquity/
Think of the drone attacks cost tax payers millions/
To kill Pakistani children and civilians/
The West’s most dangerous place is the American system/
And the reason has nothing to do with Arabic terrorism/
But kleptocratic republicrats that tear up the will/
Of the people to see a real Universal healthcare bill/
Obama campaigned on the latter and against the war but/
It’s more clear than ever his hands are forever stained with more blood/

So everybody y’all know bring ’em to Chicago/
Let ’em know Rhambo fucked up inviting NATO/
Let these politicians know: we know that they know/
Their policies are fatal, we say no to NATO/

Yeah, say no to NATO
That’s right y’all, yo
May 20th see you in Chicago let’s take it to the streets
Say No to NATO, Peace, Rap News USA number 3

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  1. This is sick, but the craziest thing is that this video is most popular in China according to stats. As KRS would say, "Why is that?"

  2. Oh this shit is tight
    Cause its our right
    To state our thought's
    To speak our minds
    One way to find
    The plight of mankind
    Lies at the hands of capitalist greed
    How much shit do they need…. ??
    How much more do we bleed
    Our lives, spirit and soul
    Towards your goal ?
    It's hidden in a shoal
    When you vote in a poll
    You don't vote for nothing
    except a puppet string
    or watch the idols sing
    let the tv rot your mind
    until your blind
    to their direction
    from the election
    into power

  3. 5000 characters is insufficient to explain to the people our system is defficient. but in the 500 words i am given to tell my piece that peace should be the given standard by which all policy is made it begets us nothing to trade our self respect for blind compliance to a rising police state, universal love for a nebulous hate against people who mean us no harm who only want to live a life unalarmed at drone strike killing their people in the night its only logical they pick up a gun and fight

  4. Huh… as a friend of the rapper behind the original Rap News, this is interesting, and I appreciate you acknowledging them in your info, but they don't really push an agenda as much as you do here (rather speaking for both sides and then letting their view show through satire). Nice lyrics and delivery, but loosen up a little 😉

  5. True Indeed! Song is tight , but rap news does cover both sides…this dude would make an excellent feature on the original rap News. Hollah at Hugo & make it happen! This is definitely a banger though, some club / car $hyt with education.

  6. Maybe branch away & start Hip Hop news to alleviate confusion? You can't fuggz with Rap news , dude has too many flows , too many characters & styles. he's like Shock G / Humpty Hump of Digital Underground , he needs more than 1 paycheck. Good collabo potential & good potential to branch out dolo. Hip hop needs more music like this! ( That Al Gore / Lord Monkton Rap battle ( RN3? ) & #8 ( Osama Clubbed By Seals ) are hard to beat! keep trying though….. 4 HIP HOP's sake.

  7. This dude's shit is dope as fuck too and it certainly ain't no Hip Hop this Kool Kat be spitting bro…. He has clearly put USA in there and who gives a fuck… he ain't trying to compete with Foster Yo ….
    This is the fucking problem and ya'll need to know
    This is the way the system wants you to go
    Pick on each other and cut each other down
    Don't smile together and collectively frown
    All at the expense of freedom for the reign of the crown
    So stop giving each other shit come together nigz

  8. Hit me up the instrumental from this track bad brother… I need to get this shit out and no beat is doing it for me right now and its so hard to rap whilst your spitting shit so true cause I agree with every word and wanna get my own shit out there to….
    Help a fellow souljah out bruz

  9. Respect Bro, the beat is not mine, I downloaded it from our youtube comrade at 123InDaPlaceToBe, I can't put the link here, but just search for "Hip Hop Instrumental -Underground shit (piano)" and you will find it.


  10. Hey, searching for that phrase doesn't bring it up. Could you please just paste the alphanumeric ID at the end of the YouTube link?

  11. Yeah bro that request was for me dawg… I'm not saying Im special or anything but yeah I been waiting like 3 weeks for that clip and I ask nicely and then you decide you'll jump up all over that shit too … If possible professor delete these posts so not every bastard has their way with this shit and then it becomes unoriginal like all the other shit

  12. The definition of colonialism that raps in this video sounds identicle to that offered by Dr. Frantz Fanon.

  13. Here is a citation from Ceric Robinson's 1993 article "The appropriation of Frantz Fanon":…
    Note 12
    'Colonialism is the organisation of the domination of a nation after military
    conquest.' Fanon, 'French intellectuals and democrats in the Algerian Revolution', in
    Toward the African Revolution (New York, 1967), p.83. See also Cedric J. Robinson,
    'Fanon and the West: imperialism in the native imagination', Africa and the World
    (October 1987), p.34.

  14. I agree, not giving him 'Chet, I actually reached out to Juice Media & asked them to link up with dude & support.

    I definitely want to see more of this!

  15. people against the corperate interest now capital interest read the dictionary corperatism not capitalism

  16. fucking dope! music like this is more important than ever in these crazy times. I remember listening to Immortal Technique and that's what woke me up and opened my eyes to the corruption in governments. music is the best way to reach people- because they listen and process the lyrics and actually learn

  17. Corporatism is capitalism in a statist context. Owners of capital will always seek out government assistance to give them a competitive advantage, which is exactly what capitalism's foundational axiom, "rational self interest" implies will happen.

    Nevermind that capitalist theory eschews government involvement in the market, owners of capital don't follow the rules, whether it's the rule of law, or the laws of economics. They are rationally self-interested actors, they don't worry about ethics.

  18. you know America has fully become a third world nation when you have "World Humanitarian Forces" at walmart handing down food with an iron curtain of riot gear and murderous 'peacekeeping curfew surveillance'

  19. This was surprisingly good! I remember when I graduated high school in 2009 and I thought NATO was a benevolent entity… lol @ what state-funded education taught me (e.g: only 2 towers collapsed on 9/11/2001 and it was because office fires melted steel for the first and last time in history).

  20. Newsflash. You're white. And black people don't like you. Especially since your trying to act like them. Learn to embrace your whiteness.

  21. ROTFLMFAO this white cuck is damn pathetic pretending to be an Indian lol no wonder this coward defended Rachel Dolezal so much…..HE IS THE MALE RACHEL DOLEZAL!

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