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Putin: Russia condemns the attack against Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin responds to joint airstrikes in Syria; Dr. Sebastian Gorka reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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  1. Why is Putin criticized for being a KGB Col? I don't think being a patriot is a vice-I would be concerned if he were a CIA Major in the USA. Putin has an 85% approval rating-Trump 35%. Russia has been in 1 war-Afghanistan-they were trying to oust the radical Islamists led by Osama Bin Laden-and we called him a freedom fighter and armed this terrorist. We have been fighting in Afghanistan for 17 years-and we are losing. We invaded Iraq II under the lie of WMDs-known to be a lie. Yet Putin is the thug? What are we? Angels of mercy? Maybe some proof would have been nice that Assad, and not the rebels , launched this attack.

  2. Shut the fuck u make me mad u US for killing my brother and uncles in Lybia.. liv us alone go worry about US citizens and liv us the fuck up..

  3. Tell me this what other country in the world u see in other peoples business.. Amrica in the faces of wht other countrys do..

  4. one day Usa will destroy hall the world bcz of oil these guys are very greedy for oil plz dont kill the humanity and innocent lives

  5. Why was trumps actions correct because they had intel on it…. in 2013 the rebels used chemical weapons same for 2014 and a few more times but for some reason the rebels are the good guys and Assad is the bad people 😂😂 the USA is the bad guys for arming the rebels and attacking a country we have no reason to be their

  6. Repent of your sins! Jesus loves you all so much. Give Him a chance to come into your life before it's too late! I truly believe we are starting to live in the end times. I love and care for you all!

  7. The world needs to switch over to primarily electric, superior, renewable energy and no one would give a damn about oil

  8. US launched missiles on Russia ally, without knowing who exactly did the chemical attacks. How the hell Russia is supposed to react? Where is the common sense in US media?

  9. “They’re saying we’re doing bad” stfu USA goes around bombing the shit out of everyone if we wanted to help and make things better why not just let them live protected in the US instead of putting a travel ban on them

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