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Punjab National Bank Fraud: What, Where & How? | The Quint

The Punjab National Bank on Wednesday morning reported that Nirav Modi, an internationally-acclaimed jeweller who’s clientele includes the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Kate Winslet, had carried out “fraudulent transactions” worth over Rs 11,000 crore by taking out ‘fake bank guarantees’ from the bank and showing it to other banks in order to extract more money.

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  1. what the hell our Government is doing ? Government is infusing taxpayers 2 lakh Crores to these banks who can do all this type of frauds? No point in in just suspending few people , just shut down one bank and the lesson will be teach to others
    No other banks will be dare to do this type of fraud.All scumbags

  2. salo ne desh ko barbaad kar diya.sabne milke ye khel khela hai.aab sarker hamse lekar bank walo ka khajana bharage.sabke sab chor hai sale pura system salo ko nanga karke joote maro.

  3. Yahan aam Aadmi ko to 1 lakh ka loan nhi milta hai asani se inhe itne crores ka kese mil gya puri lambi chaudi list hogi high authorities ki

  4. pahle to ye btao aap…jab ye inti badi rakam ki guarantee le kr dusre banko k paas jaate the udhaar k liye to udhaar dene wali banke udhaar dene se pahle kya punjab national bank se cross check aur confirmation ni leti thi.. LoU k alawe……….agar aisa ni h to fir inse bada chutiya aur kahi ni ho sakta …….jo ki saving account kholne me itna naatak aur paper baazi krte h …aur croro rupaye k maamle me apna sir khujaate h …………

  5. kisi kameene ko kameena kehne ke liye, kisi party ki hona zaroori nahi hai and agar aap log ankhein khol ke dekh sakte hai tho, currency change aur naye note's ke ramayan ke peeche jo arbo rupaye desh se baahar hua hair aur saare karodpathi bach gaye, bina ek ka bhi kala paisa pakada nahi gaya, yeh BJP ka kameena dhandha logon ko tab pata chalega jab ane wale elections ke baad sare millionaires and bjp politicians kisak jayenge foreign aur kahazana kahaali dikhega. tab pakad ke royiye apna sar logon! Bjp, relliance ke liye hai, India ke liye nahi, aur bewakoofon ka kisiko jawaabdaari nahi hona chahiye.samjhe!

  6. Wishtle blower Hari Prasad wrote detailed letter to PMO on July 2016..he good acknowledgement and later he got reply saying the case is closed..but no action taken..Bolo Bharath Beti ki jai

  7. Ab ek aur Hindu muslim vivad karayenge aur phir sab bhool jayenge aur bhakt phir se jai modi .. hindutva k naam pe desh loot lia aur mere hindu bhai kab jagenge pata nahi.

    Doob gaya hae sar tak desh par tax lete jarahe haen.

    Mere desh k priye bhaiyaon chahe hindu ho ya muslim jag jao yaar.

    Ye 11000 crore kiska paisa tha soncho.
    Aaj tumhara apna paise bank se nahi nikal sakte ho. Atm me paisa nahi.. banks sare merge kardiye ..employement kam kardia.. kyun in lootere white color choraon k liye…

    Jag jao hindustani bhaiyon.

    Dharam k naam par vote har giz mat do.. gath bandhan wali sarkar banao. Kisi ko akele satta me ane har giz mat do.

  8. Aa gaye ache din…
    Na karne ko naukari milegi
    Na khane ko roti…
    Bus pakode bechte nazar ayenge saab
    This is new india…

  9. PNB valo ne mera account nhi khola witness ki wajha se. Or saalo ne itna bada scam kiya is madrchod ne kon si witness de thi jo PNB walo ki gaand mar kar chala gaya. Tum PNB vale kute ho huddi khane wale.

  10. This journalist is giving half cooked information. 11000 crores will not be the loss. Major portion of it would be recovered from asset sale. Definitely there would be some loss but not the entire amount. It would be better if this idiot also discloses the same to the viewers.

  11. This is what happens when the whole nation gets too busy watching a teenage girl doing tricks with her eyebrows !

    That wink was just a distraction !!!
    and it cost us ₹11000 crore.

  12. If you invest in cricket… Lalit Modi will steal your money…!
    If you invest in banks…. Nirav Modi will steal your money…!
    If you dont invest anywhere… Narendra Modi will anyways, anyhow steal your money…!
    Modi hatao desh bachao…!!

  13. India is my nation…
    corruption is here favourite occupation..
    Government doesnt even care about its countrys reputation..
    bcoz our great nation is being ruled by Illiterate and Idiotic minds for generations 🙂 🙂

  14. Government had the knowledge of 11000 Crore scam that came out. So government recapitalized for 5000 Cr, And surprisingly a investigation to seize assets from Nirav Modi resulted in an additional 5100 Cr, so all in all 5000 Cr + 5100 Cr = 11000 Cr. I suspect this is an eyewash and the hole is deeper than it looks.

  15. Now mallaya case will be under the carpet I guess. Modi with his master storke. Shit load of money lost. Govt. For sure as fuck won't retrieve it, and somehow new tax bracket may be introduced to cover this lost money. Bhenchod Lekin idhar fir bhi pagar nahi badha rahe.

  16. Morherfuckers have children and family and these is the moral lectures that they would be giving to their children. Bastards should be hit on the ass, these are all hard money of the common people who pay their taxes only to find it that some bunch of motherfucker are looting them

  17. यही वजह है कि आज तक देश वो तरक्की नहीं कर पाया जो आज़ादी के बाद दुसरे अन्य देशों ने की है
    इसका बस एक ही इलाज है पुरे देश में साक्षरता अभियान शुरू किया जाए जिससे देश हर तबका अपने अधिकारों को जाने

  18. Behenchod idhar ham ache clg me padhai ke liye loan mang ne jaate he to 15 sawal puch te he aur in amiro ko to ase hi loan de rahe hen

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