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Protesters hit streets in cities across U.S. over Trump immigration policy. | News Headlines

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Protesters hit streets in cities across U.S. over Trump immigration policy.

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► Protesters hit streets in cities across U.S. over Trump immigration policy. :

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  1. All these pro-illegal supporters are traitors to this country. Every one of them should be forced to take a dozen of these illegal freeloaders into their own home and support them out of their own pockets. They wouldn't think illegal immigration is such a good idea then.

  2. If a parent is trying to illegally sneak across the border with their child then they are putting that child in that position,I am sure they don't separate parents and kids of people who apply legally

  3. These brainwashed. Libtard sheeple are so ignorant…and are committing treason to their nation. They are fueled by the Left and their hatred for America. Traitors will be dealt with. They are paid by the global Marxists to be stupid. It's old and it's going to get ugly if they continue to commit treason. American Patriots are NOT people you want to piss off. Revoke their citizenship and throw them back over the border with the illegals. Obama did way worse…but these ass wipe indoctrinated snowflakes. have no common sense.

  4. Are these people willing to live below their own means to give the illegals the best over what they or their kids have.. Are they willing to give up their place in the jobs and colleges so these illegals can have these things… Are they a part of child trafficking and are they willing to let a child who was raised by criminals live in their homes… I am just curious as to know why they want these people here in USA.

  5. These people abort their own kids dis own their own kids and won't have nothing to do with them. Then try to make out that they care for someone they don't even know. You have got to be stupid to believe it. They are being brainwashed by their demonic leaders and acting upon the retoric they are pushing.Weak minded and stupid followers.

  6. People Just Think Before You Protest…..Everyone wants to come to Our Great Country Thenks To Our Great President Trump ..yet come the right and legal way like other people did….So protesters get over yourselves…..Wake Up America President Trump 2020…..🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  7. These protesters thinks it's okay to allow criminals to invade your home with no consequences so they can create lawlessness and chaos and and teach the criminal how to get paid doing it

  8. The protesters they think it's okay to invade someone's home with no consequences and then paying them to do it the protesters are creating chaos and lawlessness hey protesters where is your home I would like to invade it apparently you think it's okay

  9. get down to where these lowlife piece of shit protesters are and, started cracking them over their heads with axe handles and 2x4s

  10. They should go out and ask for id and if you cant por dose one they should be detained untill some one brings a id to identify how they are and if they are here illegally put them in a detention center and send them back to whatnever country they came ffrom we dont owe them any thing there country needs to step up and start acting like they care about there own people

  11. I wonder if they even think about where the money is going to come from to take care of these people? Americans last and everyone else first


  13. Since these idiots support Mexico's flag…Let them go live in mexico and take their govt based programs away…I just wonder how much the democrats and liberals pay these people to show up at these events…notice how someone passed out Mexican flags for them all to wave around

  14. legal immigrants are great,,, illegal immigrants aren't. the thing is if the illegal immigrants didn't cross illegally, there would be no problems. all this is a miss directing firestorm to allow open boarders. nobody seems to understand the difference between legal and illegal. they're all immigrants, and not all the children are here with their parents. it makes it a little difficult to keep families together, huh?

  15. How about upholding the laws that we allare suppose to abide by .All of these people are enemies of Americans .Theres nothing humane about Americans losing their jobs and living and dying in the streets .By the way it was Our ancestors who died for us so we could have better lives .These people make me sick .They should all move to Europe the Muslims will be glad to run over them or stab or rape them .


  17. If they really cared about humanity & being humane they would be working to rebuild inner cities where American citizens have lived in squalor for generations & do not receive the benefits illegal immigrants are granted, or resolve the tent cities …

  18. I am a christian but i will not allow someone to enter my property specially my house ilegally. If u will say "be humane" then take them to u house. I really hate coming to my house ilegally, coz ilegally coming shows DISRESPECT.

  19. uhhhh…..PAID PROTESTERS with no ability to read or view pictures with comprehension …..the Obama administration is the source of pics AND LAWS

  20. Um, who broke the law,?Trump U.S govt. The law abiding citizens of the country? NO. IT Was the parents who came here illegally with their kids, so libtards get over it. Parents broke the Law, the way it is too bad. I feel no sympathy

  21. Reunited the parents with their kids send them back to whatever country they came from… !!! They broke the law they could've came here legally but they chose to come in illegally.

  22. Poster says " what if it was your child?!"
    Well first of all it wouldn't happen to me or my children because I got a citizenship. I am American and came here the right way.

  23. All those Sighs fill the Landfill and that is Pollution. All those Illegals are more Pollution in our cities if these dumb asses want to protest then go to the country's the Illegals come from and protest there Government to help their people and stop trying to make the U.S. into a shithole like the country's the Illegals are coming from.

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