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Prophecy News: Russia, USA, Syria-Asteroids-Yellowstone and more news!

You will hear the following in this broadcast:

-White House accuses Syria of planning another chemical attack, warns it would ‘pay a heavy price’
-Moscow warns Washington against ‘incendiary, provocative action’ in Syria
-UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says the White House’s warning that Syria would ‘pay a heavy price’ for another chemical attack was ALSO directed at Russia and Iran
-North Korea ‘developing HYDROGEN BOMB capable of causing blast as hot as the Sun’
-North Korea in fresh war threat as Kim vows to brush aside UN nuclear missile sanctions
-China launches home-made 10,000-tonne destroyer equipped with latest weapons as Beijing flaunts its growing naval power
-Asteroids the world’s greatest challenge
-Yellowstone Earthquake Count Nears 1,000 as Global “Swarms” Appear Around the World
-Increase in Plagues across the globe
-Mass Animal Deaths



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  1. People don't wanna listen they think this is a big big big Joke but it's going to take a devastation to happen I'm praying for all who don't have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ God bless you.

  2. why they think joke. ? cause their sooooo used to being LIED to , its the old story , the boy who cried wolf !!!

  3. ooh My lord Great Events , today in reflexion dear sister Dina prayings for this is Sucessfulls

  4. coming to an end very soon
    Repent and accept jesus in ur heart
    The Calamities will be most terrible and tribulations afterwards
    Amen Jesus

  5. That's right, PREACH sister Dina! Great message!! Been meaning to tell that Mark Taylor is a great prophecy teacher. Talk to you this weekend. Blessings!!!

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