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Prime Time With Ravish, July 31, 2018 | Religion the Deciding Factor for Legality of Migration?

Ravish Kumar on Prime Time asks whether a person’s religion is taken as the deciding factor over whether or not he/she is an illegal immigrant. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, which is being examined by a joint parliamentary committee, seeks to grant Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians, from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan citizenship even in the absence of valid papers.
Also on the show, a discussion with Dr Faizan Mustafa, VC, NALSAR University of Law about the NRC and what can possibly be accomplished using this database. Dr Mustafa says that the geography of Bangladesh is such that there are several porous borders and hence there is movement of people from Bangladesh to India and vice versa. (Audio in Hindi)

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  1. सही खबर को देश कि जनता तक पहूचाने का दूसरा नाम…. रविश कूमार जी है. बाकी न्युज चलाने वालौं की गाडी तो दलाली से चल ही रही है.

  2. Don't forget 1947 division of the country. The country was divided based on religion. Muslims were given separate country but many did not go to the country destined for Muslims. And hindus were beaten and thrown out of Pakistan and Bangladesh. So, the gandu secular don't try to confuse us.
    Yeh Mustafa tu to number one harami hai. Are harami oh Bangladesh ka hi Hain, idhar see nahi gaya. Aur Pakistan ka demand Hindu nahi kiya tha. Sale, Pakistan aur Bangladesh se dab Hinduo ke marke bhagaya aur abhi akhand Bharat ka bat Raha hain. Tu bjp ko vote dega?

  3. Ravish ji,, ek fact miss Kar gye. 1971 ki war Ka main reason kya tha. Anyway those who think he is a journalist, kindly refer the communist party stand and then listen to him. He is a barking dog of brinda and Prakash karat. And also what is his salary and the salary of his contemporaries who chose to take a path of real journalism. Probably never heard of them. Anyway rest is up to the viewer's fine sense of judgement.

  4. Paresh Barua ke beti kya ghuspethiya hy Baki news channels question ie hy aaj tak, Zee news . Ravish ji ek ideal hy.

  5. Unbelievable! Whether it is nepali hindus ,chakma budhist or Bangladeshi muslims all shud go back. So akhand Bharat & film songs will solve all problems?! In India 40,000 kids per minute so keep taking more from outside!! This Utopian Liberalism will kill us all. Only fanatics & terrorists take advantage of such stuff

  6. To Bangladeshi muslims hi h
    To bahar muslim hi jayenge .

    Agr immigration itna pasand h, to BSF Ko hata do.
    Army hata do
    Kyu 50 billion dollars karach kr the h defence pe age border ka koi mtlb nhi h to

    Sale chutiye naxali

  7. Aryan invasion ka ek proof
    Me kehta hu ek proof de de.
    Me OBC hu or Apne aap Ko mar dunga agr proof kr diya to

  8. Jammu and Kashmir main 1947 main aaye 10lakhs Hindu refugees ko aaj Tak voting rights nahi mile uske liye prime time kbhi show ravish sir aap kb kroge?

  9. Jaisa concept Jammu and Kashmir permanent resident certificate hota hai… Vaise Assam ke native population ko special rights diye ja Skte Hein….

  10. A true Nationalist never follows a political leader path because we know they use us. A true Nationalist always wants to secure their civilian life and I'm one of this kind of civilian who doesn't care about what political people are going to say if I stand for them who is really very weak and poor. India is the land of every INDIAN who is living for decades.

  11. In the case of nelly not only muslims but hindus as well were killed in huge numbers… But everyone knows the agenda of NDTV… More over what about general Assamese sentiments of Assamese people.. joi aai akhom

  12. Hindustan bahut tezi se civil war ki tarf ja raha hai…uske baad tukre hone ki tarf…india chote chote bahut se tukro mey bat jayega

  13. Q ki pakistan or Afghanistan islamic country h to obviously wha se hindu ya sikh Christian ko citizenship di jayegi
    Ek muslim country se muslim ghuspethiyo ko citizenship q di jaaye

  14. रविश ने ये नही बताया के सिर्फ हिन्दूओ को पाकिस्तान , बांग्लादेश ओर अफगानिस्तान से भारत आने ओर नागरिकता पाने का सरकार बोल रही है क्योंकि उनके पास ओर कोई दूसरा हन्दू देश नही है, जबकि मुस्लिस इस सब देश मे मेजोरिटी में है। गलत तरीके से रविश ने इस बात को बताया । निंदनिय

  15. I can't make out why this guy always tries to victimize one community and demonises other so rampantly. And where wud persecuted hindus from pakistan go?

  16. Rule are rule for all citizens of India , yes some problems faced by citizens , but if they have any proof show its , , not Muslim ,ya Hindu ,ya Christian

  17. Faijan mustafa sir if u have any knowledge about foreign person rule then u not think about , for rohigya ,they are those people which are against own country our IB are alert him about his territory activity , I want to know from u is R U with our IB ya support them in name of humanity ,

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