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President Uhuru full speech during the National prayer day in Nakuru

President Uhuru full speech during the National prayer day in Nakuru

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  1. Usitanganye watu huru, ata wazungu waliwatanganya waafrika through bibilia so hiyo syo solution chakufanya ni is to site with ur fellow kenya na ku follow sheria ya nchi my friend uhuru, then know people power .

  2. Dear president Uhuru kenyatta and Kenyans of sober mind,you faith and resilient has be had to happen.Raise up your head and get down on your knees..Notice i said down on your knees!This is spiritual warfare,we can't win with swords and guns, we will win this on our knees.God got this for us.Be blessed y'all.

  3. Today is Not a day of insults its a day to.humble ourselves before God…please God fearing people just ignore those who insulting. Forgive them and have peace in your heart…In God we put our Trust.☺🌈

  4. Kama mumaogopa mungu.uhuru hungeua watu wakenya Nakuiba matrilion yapesa….illuminati.ninyi mashetan..Jana mumetoa kafara..watu watano mumetoa kafara….kutubu dhambi ukitoka hapo unapnga njama zakuua nakuibia wakenya…Hakuna Kura.

  5. As we kill our neighbours, intimidate IEBC, and change laws to selfishly we pray that mugiki will be safe to kill more and that I will rot i hell.

  6. Good speech prezo though u have to sit down with Rao muelewane, matusi mnatupiana 2 as if mlizawa different countries, postpone this election shit, sit together , come up with a solution then arrange the safe election process and let's have a peaceful United kenya, ur speech is very very good but the problem is nice speaking pretending that everything is alright while it's not. I feel sorry for common wananchi just suffering bcoz of two people

  7. It would be nice if we left all the Judging to the supreme King who judges us all. Kenya belongs to us all and whoever sits in statehouse is a Kenyan too, our own man..let's stop the hate and respect each other

  8. We want peace and stability in Kenya that is why we dedicated this day to be a national prayer day. Wengine kazi yao ni kupanga maandamano tu.

  9. I honestly had a dream where children who were killed by the police after election of 8-8-17 stood ahead on the queue. They were crying to God for their life that was cut short. Also on the queue were people who had been beaten senselessly by police. God answered that He had heard their cries. Let's watch and see. If he truly repented, better be it, otherwise prayer is not like politics where politicians talk conveniences. In prayer we talk convictions.

  10. Mgala muuwe na haki umpe. Swahili proverb for give credit where its due. I feel obliged to commend Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee Party for holding a prayer meeting for the sake of this country. They prayed for peace and how i wish they would have prayed for justice too. Nevertheless, I believe all of us as Kenyan want peace in this nation. Our God is a God of miracles and we therefore hope that justice will be our shield and defender. and that we will dwell in unity, peace and liberty as our National anthem says.

  11. Mr president we applaud you for this… we have prayed and Kenya is in God's hand,no weapon fashioned by the enemy shall succeed in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!..God bless you, God bless Raila, God bless Kenya.

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