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President TRUMP Thanksgiving USA Prayer Breaking November 24 2016 News

President TRUMP Thanksgiving USA Prayer Breaking November 24 2016 News Take a Moment and share this video Thank you

President Elect Donald J. Trump transition update November 22 2016

BREAKING RON PAUL position on President elect Donald TRUMP Doctrine November 14 2016

Trump Victory Speech HISTORY MADE Breaking NEWS November 9 2016

Trey Gowdy Trump attorney General serious consideration Breaking News November 14 2016

11/08/16 TRUMP path to 270 Electoral Votes to Victory Breaking News November 2016

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  1. Boldly go I had to lol at that Star Trek 😂😂😂😂 but good speech strong firm I think he will be like any other president can say and do good and bad things but for me unlike the others never felt like trump makes me feel he's got my interest as he already had the money and power but this is the seal for him he could really be a making here if he plays it right, but you always have to remember no matter how much good can be done he people are always going to remember the stupid things he has said and sometimes words cannot be undone. Good luck to trump and the Americans

  2. any body heard obama does like these speech?? not like obama trump very clear mentioned GOD, when obama use tricky word to avoid mentioning GOD.
    anybody realize?

  3. Some of what he said sounds great but in my spirit I was reminded of Genesis 11. The people were as ONE and there was nothing that they couldn't accomplish…. Babel.

  4. God bless America in who's name? It sounds like it can be any god? Or should it be in Yeshua's/Jesus name to the Glory of the Father. God bless America can be any god and from any religion. There is one living God and that one is Jesus Christ. The only name above all names that a man should be saved by to glory of the Father.

  5. I Hope for Mr.Donald-Trump as A New-President to USA-People is wouldbe making the one-nation by a manymore of the legal multi-etnic imigrant's who mix~cross a different art&culture-tradition + the various faith-religions into The uncle-sam country forever .

  6. How dare he evoke Lincoln? Abraham Lincoln was an experienced bare knuckle fist fighter from early in his backwoods days and would tear off your head and crap down your throat Mr. President Erect.

  7. LOL, NOT! NOT President and has official nothing! Pray? He is a FREEMASON and NOT praying to your God – blind and sleeping to believe the very delusion that you were warned about!!!!! baahaaha antichrist silly! NEVER does it say good will come

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