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President Trump plays hardball with the border wall

National Border Patrol Council president says the border wall is the only humane and permanent solution to the crisis at the border.

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  1. Of course you need more than a wall – but you need the wall as well, so better start sooner rather than later.

  2. Why not just make Mexico part of America? I'm quite sure Mexico would be a better place run by America. Use the US military to end the Mexican gangs/government (same thing) rather than invading the middle east.

  3. Build that wall! All other illegal entries is a felony and barred from requesting legal stay in future. Cut federal budget to Philly for aiding and abiding

  4. Hey, mayor of Philadelphia! "Law-abiding citizens?" Are you retarded?
    1) They are NOT citizens!
    2) They are here ileagally. (So not law abiding)
    Not letting I.C.E. have access to that data is interfering with Federal officers doing their jobs. You need to be in jail right now.

  5. Illegal aliens are criminals from the moment they enter our country without permission. Every country protects their citizens and their land from being invaded by foreigners. Why is it wrong for the USA to do the same? Because the foreigners are telling us it is wrong or because bleeding hearts and democrat liberal socialists are telling us so. What if those same foreigners or bleeding hearts or democrat liberal socialists said we must give up our homes to them. Would you do it? Well that is what our country is to all American citizens. Our country our home. Why should we accept illegal aliens if they entered our country without permission? Why should we give them part of our country our home?

  6. Build that wall bro! There all law breakers period by sneeking into the country anyway. It's the law and that's not wrong and should be inforced for the public's sake. Change the law to a felony to enter illegally and let's get some work/money out of these law breakers like we do the rest of the jail/prison inmates here in the U.S. also it there should be a law against sending money back into Mexico. This law would make many of these people either leave or not want to come here if they can't do what they came here to do which is work/draw a check/sell drugs and send there money back to mexico while paying no taxes! TRUMP 2020

  7. Send the real aliens πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½ to build the wall πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Let us forget about building a static wall, and instead build an aggressive wall, this means embedding an electric grid, putting sharp glass, cutting edges and poisonous spikes up into the wall, maybe throw in a few bear traps around it.

  9. The deterrent we need to keep illegal crossings from occurring is the thinking that immigrants have about America and what they will get when they come here. We should drop leaflets from the skies with discouraging information about benefits being discontinued etc. That will extinguish the desire to come here. and will oppose the stuff activist lawyers are putting in their heads.

  10. Why would anyone want people to come and go in their town and state without anyone knowing who they are or what they are there for?

  11. Stop giving these people credit, allowing them to get food stamps, & aid! Deport the 1s here illegally, & build the wall!!!

  12. What’s the point of building a wall if conservatives keep allowing drugs to come into the US from Mexico..

  13. Trump plays softball not hardball. He try's to throw a curveball but dismally fails the dolt. Ha ha ha! Gonna smoke some Sativa now.

  14. Illigals follow the law much better than most citizens but you'll never hear about that..besides if trump wants to deport criminals he should start with the government most of them are not even American they just became u.s citizens and everyone in south and central America are all Americans just with different country of citizenship

  15. America has shared the southern border with Mexico for over 400 years, why is there such a dire need to control immigration, And why is this only an issue when Republicans are running the government. We have an infrastructure that's falling apart underneath our feet and that 25 billion dollars should be going towards that and not a freaking wall. We should also be using illegal immigrants to help build our new infrastructure so we can keep the cost down and give those illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship for helping. Instead of deporting immigrants we should be giving them the option to join the military and fight for America. If they do that they should become automatic citizens.

  16. Trump – I voted for you in 2016, I want to vote for you in 2020. Stop this none cents
    We already know these people dump their kids before hand.
    Only people that are fools are the ones with their heads in the sand.

  17. lol they are not law abiding because they are not citizens and cane in illegally… so how is that guy calling them law abiding citizens, when they are neither of those things.

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